Digital Marketing Mistakes you should avoid in 2020

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Apr 30 · 4 min read

With frequent changes in digital marketing, marketers often make mistakes. It is obvious that it would happen, since staying aware of the latest trends now and then can be tiresome. However, these common mistakes can affect your sales.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the common mistakes one should avoid in digital marketing. You should always hire the Best Digital Marketing Company to lay off these mistakes. Read the complete post to know about those digital marketing mistakes.

1. Having an undefined target

You have to understand your target to achieve positive results for your digital marketing efforts. When you do not have an appropriate defined target, your customers think that you have no idea about their needs and requirements; of what they need or anticipate. You need to create a buyer persona set for the explicit targeting of your customers. Utilize the buyer persona set to affect who and where you are targeting.

2. Not concentrating enough on existing customers

You need to focus on your new customers. However, this does not mean that you should neglect the existing ones. It is also financially good for your business. This is because you already have a positive connection with them and by treating them as your loyal customers; you can encourage them to buy more from you.

3. Not having a responsive website

The rising of smartphones in both browsing and buying items online elucidates why Google is giving SEO prevalence to responsive websites. Shoppers currently need high-quality user experiences on their phones. Therefore, having your website optimized for mobiles will help you get an edge over your competitors.

4. Not replying to online comments and queries

Numerous people utilize online platforms to get a reaction from their shopping brands. Individuals will remark on your posts via web-based networking media channels concerning your campaigns. There might be inquiries that you should answer instantly.

Therefore, treat complaints and queries on social media with equivalent regard from an in-person analysis. Attempt to determine the issue and stay in correspondence reliably with your clients.

5. Having numerous business profiles

If you think that you can expand your reach among customers by making various business profiles or pages on each online networking channel, you’re simply confounding your customers and misspending both your resources and time.

Instead, focus all of your efforts around one profile that informs your customers about everything concerning your brand, so that the followers can find you and know about your brand without any difficulty.

6. Not having a content marketing strategy

It is a big mistake if you don’t have a correct content marketing strategy and you distribute content thinking that it will improve your search engine rankings. If your article is loaded with keywords only and doesn’t make any sense, your targeted customers will ignore it for sure. You should know why you’re publishing particular content, who are your target customers, and what is the result you expect from it.

7. Forget to make a mobile responsive design

Probably the biggest mistake you can do this year in digital marketing is excluding mobile in your marketing mix. Studies show that smartphones and tablets have outrun their desktop counterparts as the most common devices used for browsing the Internet. This means when designing a new site mobile should be more important for you than the desktop.

8. Ignorance of the quality of images

Another common mistake made by businesses on their website is the use of low-resolution images. Low-quality images can annoy your audience and might lead to a loss of followers. Therefore, make sure that all the graphics and videos on your site are of high-quality that gives the viewers a great user experience.

9. Overloaded Keyword stuffing

With the changes in search engine algorithms, there have been significant changes in the usage of keywords in your content. It is no longer about the exact match keywords but more about grouping keywords by intent. What matters is how user-friendly your content is and not the frequency at which the keywords appear in the text.

10. Neglect the Measure of your marketing initiatives

If you want your digital marketing campaign to be a success in 2020 you should not forget to track your marketing initiatives. It is extremely important to track and measure your performance if you want to achieve your marketing goals. Tracking your content performance will help you know which type of content performed well and which did not.

11. Not having a social media marketing plan

Social media is the new black. Forgetting to include a social media marketing plan in your digital marketing mix can be one of the biggest mistakes you are making. Your social media marketing plan should include the goals, objectives and tools you are planning to use.

Avoiding these mistakes in your digital marketing strategy can help you take your marketing campaign to new heights. The focus should be on enhancing the customer experience. The business-customer relationship is very fragile so you should proceed carefully and with caution. It will be better if you hand out all these important digital marketing projects to the Digital Marketing Services experts for flawless work done.

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