I have been using the website for almost four years now, and I never really encountered any problems using it. Tech savvy or not, almost anyone can use the link to get what they are looking for on this simple tri-colored website, where detailed information is available by clicking the relevant keywords.

What I like about the website:

  1. Simple red-white-black colored theme with a balanced use of text and images.
  2. The Drop down menu bar with all available information right at the top part of the site.
  3. The ‘Top link’ option on the right hand side which connects it to the other very important links of SFU like SFU Connect, Library, and Canvas.

What I don’t like about the website:

  1. The ‘Contact Us’ option is right at the very bottom in a tiny font size. It should be available to click at the top where the drop down menu bar is.
  2. I am not a very big fan of the “Headlines’ widget on the corner. It never gets my attention because I have no idea who the people mentioned in these headlines are.
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