Finally I got to read your article.
Johannes Schleith

Thanks for this. I agree and I think we talked about it in person, but the moma stuff is more about belief than the success of how memorable it is. You should check out the EM article I linked; it’s really good.

That said, I think you are totally right about the feel (or phenomenology) being vital, and having connections to it to make it yours, to make it memorable. With web browsing, there is a context, a path, and I think that makes it more memorable. Your thought is interwoven with your browsing as it is a manifestation of your thought via interface.

That’s why I talk about browsing as your extended mind. However the problem of “feeling it” still stands. Looking at a browsing history isn’t exactly evocative, but a more visual map (that can be accentuated with algorithms) is, however.

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