A bespoke Melbourne experience where your meal is as unique as you are.

This piece was a collaborative work produced as proof-of-concept to promote a fictional Kickstarter campaign. Any resemblance to an actual toast cafe is unintentional, coincidental, and hilarious.

Melbourne’s food scene is an eclectic melange of experiences, ideas and flavours, each more intriguing than the last. But there’s always been one thing in this scene that’s missing: you.

Toast! is a bespoke consumption experience for everyone from casual snackers to devoted foodies. We celebrate the classic morning ritual, and deconstruct it for the modern age. You don’t just get to choose the meal they eat, you choose the ingredients in it, how it’s made and how it’s presented. Toast! caters to foodies of every stripe because each meal is as unique as the person eating it.

But what is Toast!?

Our café capitalises on Melbourne’s obsession with brunch, offering a one of a kind experience to cater to your unique gastronomic style. Toast! is warm, affordable and inviting, because like its namesake it embraces your busy lifestyle to be as simple or indulgent as you want it.

We fashion each table with nothing more than a toaster and potential. Much like the Central American bocas, our food invites conversation and familiarity by placing the food both central and subservient to the person interacting with it. You are invited to select from a range of base and condiment possibilities to hand-craft your own healthy, hearty and satisfying food experience.

You can chose from a variety of bread and condiment options, each carefully hand-picked by our resident chef Elbow. We source only the finest raw, organic ingredients to suit your dietary preferences. Lightly crisp the bread or bread alternative of your choice, then top it with anything, from all your breakfast classics to our ever-changing selection of mouth-watering delights. Lightly toast an organic wholemeal and finish with spiced fruit conserves; crisp a fine-grained ciabatta and load it with salmon and fresh chives, or try our signature pressed cauliflower and lovingly lather it with kale mash and activated almonds.

Sounds amazeballs! But why Kickstarter?

We’ve been a part of Melbourne’s food scene for over three years now, but always in a transient fashion. We’ve grown from a simple fold-out stall at a monthly farmers’ market to a semi-regular inner city feature with a loyal following.

But the time has come for us to grow! Kickstarter allows us to connect directly with our already passionate devotees, and spread the word to foodie and brekkie fans all over the city. With your help, we can become a permanent fixture in Melbourne’s café culture.

Just like Toast! itself, this Kickstarter allows us to grow, refine and develop our restaurant idea into something that reflects your tastes. A successful campaign will add to our existing development budget and help to cover the costs of expansion, renovation, licensing and, of course, increasing the variety of high quality ingredients that make up our unique gastronomic offering.

Your contribution will go towards improving the community as well! We aim to develop strategic partnerships with local producers, as well as invigorating our community garden to provide hands-on nutritional education. 
It has been our lifelong dream to build Toast! into something that not only feeds your body, but also feeds your soul. With your help, we can create something that fills a gap in Melbourne’s food scene with something crispy, warm and wholesome — and something that’s as much yours as it is ours.

It could go wrong though, right?

There’s any number of thing that can go wrong with a project like Toast! However, we’ve done extensive research to minimise — and where possible, eliminate — the challenges associated with developing a business of this sort.

The physical space

Getting a physical presence in Melbourne’s inner city presents a host of challenges. The space is hotly contested, and it can be difficult to stand out in a crowd of ‘me-too’ businesses.

We’ve had an IRL space for some time now and feel we’re ready to expand into larger premises. We’ve identified an area in Abbotsford’s cosmopolitan heart which we believe will provide ample opportunity for success. Rents are currently low due to council re-zoning, and while this poses initial problems for foot-traffic, the loyalty of our devoted Toasters (that’s you!) will see us through the short term, and the development of a new shopping district in the third quarter of 2017 will provide long-term opportunity.

Food Safety

Toast! has been providing amazing food for over three years now, your health is paramount. Our food preparation practices adhere to the highest guidelines for vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose-intolerant diets, which allows us to cater to the broadest possible market. We’ve always used the freshest ingredients, free from pesticides and hormones, to provide the best possible culinary experience. This provides the added bonus of strengthening our ties with local producers, and as we support them, they support us. In fact, some of our most devoted Toasters are our generous suppliers, who love to see what inspired meals Elbow has been able to concoct with their produce!

Well I’m sold, sign me up!

We’re so happy you are! We at Toast! are convinced we’ve got something unique to offer Melbourne’s bustling food scene, and we look forward to you joining us for brunch soon!

If you can’t wait to wrap your salivating mouth around a warm buttery pane di casa, we’ve already got a food truck in Melbourne’s inner city. Just subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook pages for regular updates on where you can find us. Mention this Kickstarter and we’ll even shout you a pin so you can show your support.

While you’re at it, why not share your brunch inspirations with your friends? Just share your love with the #toast! hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Share your favourite toasty toppings on #toasttuesday, and keep an eye out for unique promos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Fill your body with goodness, health, and love from those around you. Direct your own gastronomic destiny, and embrace each new day with Toast!

Backer Rewards

$10 or more: A note from Toast!

A personal message from the Toast! Team, because we think you’re awesome!

$30 or more: Toast! badge

Show off your Toast! cred with this iron-on badge for your tote bag.

$50 or more: First Toast! order free

Be the first to know about our official open day and your first Toast! menu selection is on us in our brand spanking new venue.

$60 or more: Toast! cookbook

Recreate all our famous Toast! recipes with your own cookbook signed by our head chef Elbow.

$80 or more: Name a Toast! menu item

Get immortalised forever. A permanent ‘menu’ of backers and their favourite Toast! breakfast on the wall of fame.

$150 or more: Create a Toast! menu option (limited no. available)

Get immortalised forever. Create a unique menu option in conjunction with our head chef Elbow. Have a photo of it and you on the wall of fame.

$250 or more: Exclusive invite to the Backers Brunch

An exclusive invite to the Toast! launch breakfast, meet the team and enjoy the experience on us before we open to the public.

$300 or more: A Toast! 4-slice toaster (limited no. available)

Own one of our amazing Toast! 4 slice toasters for you to create your favourite breakfast at home — it really is the best toaster!

$1000 or more: Have a Toast! party on us at your home or workplace

Be everyone’s favourite person and host your own exclusive Toast! breakfast party on us at your home or workplace for up to 10 people — we will bring the Toast! experience to you.