Don’t curtail your career as a social media creator by falling for bad contracts or traps

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Everyone wants to be an influencer but hardly anyone wants to put in the work to carve out their space online. As a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry and micro-influencer, I have seen both sides of the coin of cultivating a career in digital media. Nothing irks me more than when people think that being a content creator is easy. The truth is that being a digital creator is an unpredictable, nerve-wracking, and emotionally taxing endeavor. Honestly, being a social media influencer is like most jobs, there are days you hate it, and days you love it.

TikTok is the latest example of a social media platform that has created space for a new career of content creators. We won’t get into what TikTokers do, because that’s a post for another day. I mention this platform as an example to show that careers as social media creators have never been more abundant. My platform of choice is Instagram and there’s a good reason for that. …

How I used the psychology tool of a “worry time” to regain my productivity in a time of constant anxiety

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Have you ever started writing with a furry only to stop yourself midsession because you hit a wall of self-doubt? If you answered yes, know that you are not alone. As a former writing coach and now full-time publicist I can say with confidence that every writer worries their way out of writing at some point. I’ll be honest, this last month I did not meet a goal of writing enough because my anxiety overwhelmed me when I started typing. The weight of this uncertain world was too much for me to try and write.

Thanks to some self-reflection and tools from therapy, I’ve been able to find my passion for writing again. And I wanted to craft this post to share with my fellow wordsmith a powerful tool to help you curb those negative emotions that may hinder your writing goals. Write more and worry less by scheduling a time to worry every single day. Yes, you heard me right. …

Rather than niche writing, this is why I’m a generalist

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During my undergraduate Writing & Rhetoric journey, I was introduced to a unique piece of advice to achieve writing success. “Focus on writing, not on the content,” preached my first-year writing professor. It was jarring to hear this perspective on the art of writing. ‘How can I write without worrying about what I was writing about?’ I asked myself. Now that I work full-time as a publicist, and dabble in other marketing endeavors, I completely understand this sermon of being a writing expert and not a content expert.

For most writers, our proficiency with writing can move us into almost any industry. I have met publicists who transitioned into journalism roles easily because of their mastery with written text. On the flip-side, many journalists have told me horror stories of when they tried to work in marketing. When I asked them why it didn’t work out, these peers all shared a common sentiment. “It was hard for me to work outside of my field because I honestly could only write about that ‘one’ thing,” said one of the editors I caught up with. …

How to achieve flow in writing by learning to omit unnecessary elements

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One of the most cliche terms used by editors, colleagues, and writing professors is “flow.” “The flow isn’t right,” is a favorite phrase you might hear from peers when asking for feedback. And while you may say agree, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what does flow really mean? Have you asked the writer giving you feedback if they understand what they understand as flow?

The truth is that “flow” has almost become part of a colloquial lexicon. I’m here to break down what does flow means in writing and how you can look at your own work to ensure you have it. …

This is the time to rethink how to work with other writers through digital communication

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With no foreseeable end to my reality of writing alone, I took an opportunity to reconnect with one of my favorite college professors. I Zoomed (can you believe that’s a verb now?) with my former Writing & Rhetoric professor and we reminisced on the days of face-to-face classes. We laughed as we remembered the days when I wrote assigned essays during the seminar and offered robust revisions after skimming my peer’s paper. This conversation sparked a question in me, “How are writers effectively offering edits in an era of Zoom?”

Learning how to offer edits and revisions, two very different concepts, are tools that writers develop with practice. Without touting my own horn too loudly, I once thought I had a career in journalism as an editor because of these skills. (I’ve always suffered from feeling like I’m giving better feedback than what I get back.) My point is that for many writers without the ability to meet in person, learning how to provide feedback over digital communication is a new learning curve. …

A reflection on when it’s time to leave a dead-end job in lieu of chasing your career

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A hard truth in life is that everyone needs a professional breakup. The reality is that breakups hurt, they suck, and there’s never really a way to stay friends after a breakup with a boss. I was 20 years old when I had my first break up with my boss. Less than 3 years later, breaking up with this job remains the best decision I ever made in propelling my career further. …

Every year, Apple promises the best iPhone yet, and this latest edition continued to prove the tech giant’s messaging is right

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Whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, Apple is a tour de force in the world of marketing. I would say Apple’s place in advertisement history will go down among some of the most iconic campaigns like, “Think Small” for Volkswagen and “Got milk?” for the California Milk Processor Board. As a full-time marketer when I hear Apple, I think of iconic ads first and overpriced tech second.

That is the power of the Steve Jobs-founded tech monolith — a brand recognition that will stand the test of time. Every year Apple promises a better iPhone. …

For all creatives, building a healthy ego is the best thing you can invest in

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought of maintaining an ego as a skill towards success. I do believe that everyone needs a sliver of humility in them. However, for creatives, writers, and creators of all kinds, having a healthy ego is essential to survival and success.

I can see why people always seem humble when they’re at the top — they are trying to present themselves as relatable. But when you are husting, trying to make a name for yourself, I think that humility should be on the backburner and your ego front and center. When your pitches aren’t landing, your content not getting enough clicks, or editors passing on your work, your healthy ego will help you power through rejection to create more opportunity. …

Becoming a top writer means being okay with not being perfect

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When I think about standout moments in my writing career, one of them is becoming a top writer on Medium. In less than six months on the platform, I earned a coveted spot in this space. In thinking of all my social media platforms, this platform is the farthest from my highest followers. But I owe this platform for pushing me to become a better writer, and overall content creator, by teaching me the value of being better by being faster.

A lot of the time, I feel uncomfortable giving advice to people because of how against the gain my ideas go. I owe this platform a great amount of credit in helping me understand that done is better than perfect. Yes, while many preach working until perfection I’m here to offer a sermon on the value of simply getting things done. …

Your dreams need real action and that happens through identification

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There are so many Millenials starting side-hustles and I genuinely love to see it. Creating content and crafting began as hobbies, and it soon became side hustles for many of us stuck at home.

I’m lucky to have discovered a platform like Medium near the beginning of quarantine. My passion for writing and desire to break up my boring routine lead me to daily blogging. I soon became accepted in top publications and I earned a top writer status; it signaled to me that Medium should become a priority. …


William Samayoa

Work in Film & TV doing PR/social media. I’ve called CA, NY, and the UK all home. Welcome to my behind-the-scenes thoughts.

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