Free Tips on How to Win Money in Cricket Betting

Description: — This post talks about how to earn big money in the cricket betting. What steps should ideally be taken or adopted by the punter if they want to be a big shot in the cricket betting industry. Some free tips are mentioned in this post that will help the first timers in a big way.

Have you ever speculated on how to bet on cricket? Well, if you have not tried your luck in this then this is the ideal time to start. Cricket betting is all about predicting results and placing a wager on the outcome. It is a sport that is highly tower above by statistics where every required data is readily available from batting figures to bowling figures. And the presence of statistics into cricket opens up an opportunity to challenge and compete with best gaming minds. Unlike other sports, it is easier to bet on cricket. In order to relax your stress regarding betting, some free tips are mentioned below that will make your betting more easier if till now you have not been able to find out the winning mantra.For the first timers, this article is like a dream come true.

Know the skills-set and preferred formats of the players

Different players play across all formats namely: Rohit Sharma, Chris Gayle, Ricky Ponting, Jacques Kallis — there are many who reserve their best game for ideal formats and conditions. It is possible to become the one of the best in one format of the game during a non-entity in others.

For instance, players like Mohammad Hafeez, Kieron Pollard, and Chris Gayle are considered as a star player in T-20 format, good enough in a 50 overs match. However, it is hard to see these players performing in Tests, or you will get to see a completely different side of them. Alternatively, players such as Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, AB De Villiers are always considered as of the best Test, 50–50 and t-20 batsman of all times, They play with the same style in all formats. They all are the as they have the ability and capability to perform best in almost every condition.

Moreover, it has been witnessed for quite a long time that, sub-continent failed miserably when touring especially in England, South Africa, and Australia. The reason behind this is that they are habitual in playing in a particular situation and whenever the tour outside the subcontinent they tend to be quite slow, with much lower bounce than expected or encountered in those countries. Similarly, English players rarely perform at their very best on subcontinent pitches.

Don’t be discouraged from taking huge prices and Expect exciting turnarounds

There is no shortage in-running drama in the game of cricket unlike in any other sport, one gets to face upsets at huge odds in regular intervals as upset happens in the regular occurrence. Slip to trail down the easy targets in all formats is not a new thing. In test also, draw many a times trades remarkably short before the pitch suddenly crumble.

In a fairly frequent scenario, a team who has successfully managed to make 250 for the loss of 2 wickets ended up losing rest 8 wickets for less than 60+ runs. Alternatively, teams quite repeatedly hit 80+ runs off the last five overs in T-20; 50+ is a regular affair. In both of these scenarios, many times marginally very low short-priced bets will also have lost.

Back ‘Under’ in runs market the moment partnerships breaks every record

Once two batsmen establish a fair partnership, the run of their team’s run line will start appreciating with more or less with each run. Just like the way the draw price over-reacts to good batting. Though partnerships can not last longer and at times, they were at some extent priced in at the initial quote. And, after a wicket fall, new batsmen struggle to settle. The potential for a batting fall apart and dramatic betting turnaround is always live, and several odds-on bets are turned over this way just like that. There is a set rule that that, whenever a partnership hit a milestone like 150+ or break all the existing records it might pay to blindly back.

Study statistics and history of every ground

Right before the trading of every match, it is better to verify the best results on the ground. For this, you can use various tools such as Stats Guru on Studying and analyzing the past trends or history of every ground before the match starts offer valuable clues, with regards the characteristics of the pitch, match winner and losers, run-rate, average score and innings totals.

Experience or Follow the impact of the weather

Just like, the overhead positions not only resolve whether there is to play or not, but the nature of the match. In cases, if there is plenty of cloud cover, then swing bowlers surely going to will enjoy batting totals, and marked advantage are expected to be considerably more moderate than ordinary. And Once the sun is out, the same faster bowlers will considerably receive less support, shifting the authority to the batsman. Nonetheless, consistent light will bake and break up the pitch.

The best example to describe this situation would be Headingley, globally famous for promoting swing bowling, but that has also seen many scores over and above 500 in great weather.

During the 2009 Ashes series, Australia bowled out England in bowler friendly conditions right on the very first day just on 102; before successfully making out 445 on the very same pitch right after the sun came out. Despite England is simply the better side over the course of the series.

Bad weather many times lead to the reduction in the number of overs in one-day matches. There is a complicated formula known as the Duckworth-Lewis method in order reset batting totals. This can have a huge impact on the match winner market and requires monitoring.

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