Top Cricket Betting tips for first time Punter

Emotions play an important role, if your trading decision is based on emotions, then you are going to Lose money in the end: -Anonymous

Are you logical about cricket? It doesn’t matter whether you are the one who have a vast knowledge about cricketing rules or not. You do not need to be cricketing expert if you want to dive deep into the world of cricket betting. When you bet on the game of cricket, it is all about understanding the game and analyzing it very accurately. Moreover, you have to be sure about placing your cricket odds. You need to make the right decision on the right point of time. Earning the odds will require concerted planning. It will require you to make a significant difference. But, once you are predictable about the cricket, you become very close to winning your betting odds.

No one can be betting guru just like that, cricket betting is not one’s thing. It’s very hard to zero down on a team that will win, who shall you put your money on and who you should ideally back. There are billions of people around the corner who are involved in some sort of gambling activity; some do it to earn extra money apart from their regular income, and some do it as full time. It is a saying that, there is a punter or say bookie in every street and a gambler in every house.

The purpose behind this post is to share our experience so that the people who are involved in the cricket betting may get benefited. Before starting I would like to mention that, you can never become a successful punter if you do not have patience, intelligence, money management and satisfaction.

Rules for the Punter of Cricket

  • Betting is Business, not Gambling

All you need to follow this GOLDEN RULE and you will never leave disappointed in your life with your decisions. “Never take Betting as Gambling, take it as a Business, and do the Trading.”

As you are aware of the fact that, the bookie take lower odds from you and place the same in equal to more than odds or both sides on equal loss. You should also follow this concept if you want to be the league of top bookies.

For instance, If you put your money on say South Africa in 1.60 in a match, but now the opponent team is favorite with 1.90. Divide your profit on both the sides or at least cover your loss, in case you have a gut feeling that opponent can win easily from that position.

Just like that, if you have put your money on South Africa in 1.90 and the opponent is favorite with 1.60, put the equal loss on both teams and wait till the next move.

By adopting this practice, it is a surety that you won’t lose big.

  • It is all about Cricket

Bookies think a lot, they keep tickling their minds, even though they are on a winning streak. They believe that anything can happen anytime, there is no such thing called winning streak. As the T-20 format has arrived, people have seen matches those are turning from nowhere. And they have started believing that it is no longer a cricket. They started doubting over the match results, as nothing can be said till the last ball. But if you have ever given this a second thought, or even a first, you may realize that there is only 2% match in which results have gone through beyond expectations.

In fact, these kind of beyond expectation matches had happened in the past also. Like in the 1983 world cup victory by India against everyone’s favorite West Indies who was expected to be the winner of 1983 world cup, Kapil Dev’s innings against Zimbabwe at a very crucial time when everyone is of the opinion that India is going to lose and that 434 run chase by the South Africa against Australia’s deadly pace attack, the same day the highest score in the 50–50 games were created and beaten.

What I am attempting to clear is that, T-20 format is getting mature with every passing series, players are getting used to it. 100 odd runs in 10 overs with 8 wickets in quite a possible and 120 in a slow pitch is a defendable total with all means.

Cricket is cricket, wonders happen, but not in every game, that is way bookies and punters should ideally go with statistics not by the winning streak. Thinking again and again is what everyone should adopt if the aim is to become a Big Shot.

  • Always Play with the Same Style

If you are one of them who believe in laying a team, then always lay in a same style.

For instance, if you have laid a Team in 1.80, and you lost that match, do not afraid to repeat that again. But do it in the same style and wait for the next and lay confidently at 1.80 with the double amount in order to recover the loss from previous matches. Keep repeating the procedure over and over again till you are able to make some profit for you.

  • Always go with your Favorite Team

Backing up the favorite team gives a chance where one can cover his/her loss or divide the profit on both of the sides.

Suppose, if South Africa and India are playing and the odds are in the favor of India even before the match begins; that means India has better chances to win the game over South Africa. Again, it is just a matter of chance, it is part of cricket experience and knowledge. Odds are in the favor of India, there could be several reasons for that, maybe the players of South Africa are struggling in the seasons or maybe because of home advantage.

  • Do not believe Match Report, Confirm News and 100% Guarantee Predictions

Punters who have believe match report, confirm news, 100% guarantee predictions and all kinds of shit never ever win cricket bets. All these match reports, confirm the news and 100% guarantee predictions are tools for those punters who have lost their money in betting and do not know how to win, they take help from these tools to stand a chance to win.

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