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“Hmmm…this way or that?”

Once upon a time, I was busting my ass trying to get into a school program for a particular medical career. I had fulfilled all the requirements, taken all the prerequisite courses (and gotten straight As), provided reference letters, and was more than qualified. But they had a 2-year waiting list, with special admissions given to only a lucky few. I wasn’t one of them.

I knew quite a few people working in the field who had already gone through the program and were familiar with the school staff. …

Discovering the hidden power in cycling and life

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These guys knew the secret eons before I did.

I’m 51 and learning to ride a bike. I mean, I’ve been riding bikes since I was a kid, and I did some pretty regular mountain biking 25 years ago, but this is the first time I’ve really learned how to ride. This is different. Let me explain.

My boyfriend got me into spin classes a couple of years ago. He’d been a spin class and cycling enthusiast before we met, and he advised me early on that one had to have clip-in shoes if one was serious about either of those endeavors. …

Finding peace through leaves, chickens and the International Space Station

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You’re in the passenger seat of a car that’s driving down a road, when suddenly the driver swerves to miss a pothole. What do you do? Most of us instinctively reach out and grab something stable, like the door handle. If you’re already buckled in, it’s not actually going to do much, but it makes you feel better. It’s a reflexive action — grabbing on to something that’s still when all else around you is shifting.

When it feels like everything around me is chaotic and the world is going to shit, I’m reminded of this quote about peace, and I make a conscious effort to reach for that “door handle.” …


Wendy Z Lewis

Award-winning writer and survivor of corporate America. I also perform as a statue, punch heavy bags, and sing badly in Spanglish to Reggaeton.

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