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Help change the state we’re in...a lot more is at stake than pristine beaches:

I did not capture your palace or steal your sunstruck gold.
I did not force your people’s spines to bend until they cracked in cane fields
or die with parched tongues and fever:

I came with parchment and messages of hope,
I came to love and be loved.
I came to plant a tiny garden,
and laugh while steaming laulaus…
I came to answer parrots and call to sparrows.
I asked for nothing but some time to talk story,
and learn the names of fish
and eat them in their own language.

When I moved to O‘ahu in the summer…

(First published January 13, 2017 on

Scrivener’s Friday Five: “We can work it out.”

  • What’s a real-world lesson you learned from your first job?
  • What was pleasantly unexpected about your current (or most recent) job?
  • What are some identifying tools of your trade?
  • What’s something a job required that you thought was far outside your skillset?
  • Robert Frost wrote, “My object in living is to unite / My avocation and my vocation / as my two eyes make one in sight.” To what degree have you united your vocation (your job) and your avocation (your hobby)?

See Scrivener’s Friday…

Tips on Fragrances for Men

(First published on QUORA,

Most men have a skin chemistry that works well with woody, spicy and/or green fragrances. An authentic sandalwood base, for example, smells great on just about everyone. Oud, while very expensive, is another exotic, memorable base note.

Two caveats here: the top and middle notes will change the overall scent dramatically, so you will need to test your sample over time on your own skin. While some men do well with a citrus-style formulation (i.e. sandalwood/verbena/bergamot/lime), others will get a very masculine balance with sandalwood or oud, rose, basil, and lavender, due to their own…

​Six Ways of Seeing Waste

As responsible environmentalists, we have been learning to reduce, re-use, and recycle. We look for biodegradable packaging materials and purchase less plastic. We compost kitchen waste in worm bins and sort beverage containers by size, weight, and number. We have started to pay conscious attention to consumer production chains, from initial raw materials to end waste products. Thanks to our evolving education, we have reduced the volume of styrofoam eroding in landfills and ideally, purchase fewer cases of disposable diapers.

But what about all the small, everyday items that can’t be easily composted or recycled…

Time Out for Fathers!

Children and their fathers agree: wouldn’t it be amazing to spend more time together? Usually Dad’s life is so packed with the tasks of work and commitments that it can be tough to carve out time just with, and for, him.

This Father’s Day, we recommend officially scheduling a special shared outdoor event--be it picnic, camping trip, fishing, and/or hiking (anything from a stroll through botanical gardens to a rigorous adventure in a nature preserve or National Park near you). Prepare treats: pack some enticing organic nibbles and plenty of fluids. While you’re at it, you can preserve…

Eddy Danker’s non-toxic paints in Architectural Digest

After Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day, many of us start craving signs of spring. An appealing way to invite spring into your home early is spring cleaning — with a twist! Use the weeks before the Spring Equinox (March 20) to try a few makeover tips and create a more sustainable home.

Shocking but true: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that your indoor air can be anywhere from 10 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air! You’ve probably heard of Sick Building Syndrome, radon, and asbestos. These are just the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately.

The synthetic industrial…

tropical toes

Don’t Toss Your Old Phone–Turn it into a Phapp!

Once you’ve upgraded to a new smartphone for a better plan, more data at cheaper prices, or simply for improved performance, by all means do not get rid of your old smartphone!

Your former phone is now a PHAPP, a fabulously useful self-help device you can use in hundreds of fun and inventive ways. Similar in concept to an iPad, your phapp can do everything from serving as a pedometer to recording your success in breaking old habits or learning new ones. Your phapp can play soothing meditations, white noise to sleep by, and all your favorite playlists.

My Grandfather's Ceramic Tubes Changed the World

This morning I found a tweet linked to a very interesting article about the Pioneer space probes, and more intriguing physics mysteries as we benefit from their ever-expanding onward mission: Link to Pioneer article.

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