How to create Google Docs in six easy steps

Want to know how to create Google Docs? Read on to find out more.

Google Docs is popularly known as the online office collaboration tool. Many organizations and working professionals utilize this tool for carrying out their regular tasks efficiently.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a free web-based application, which allows users to create new docs, sheets, and slides. Through this app, users can also edit, share and collaborate with others in the real time.

These can be stored both online or on the user’s computer and stored files can be viewed on Google cloud platform that can be easily accessed from any computer.

It also allows users to share their files online so that several people may work on a single document simultaneously.

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How to create Google Docs?

  • To access docs, first, make sure that you have a google account. If you don’t have one, create an account by simply signing up.
  • After signing up successfully, you can sign in with your Google Account and accessdocs either through Google Drive or directly click on docs to get started.

If you have a Gmail account then, you can navigate to Docs by clicking on Google app symbol

You can also access Docs from Google Drive by clicking on “new” button.

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How to use Google Docs?

#1 Create a new document

In drive, click on “New” button, a small notification window will appear from there you can choose Google Docs.

In Docs, click on the blank document to start working on the new file.

How to create a blank Document

#2 Rename a document

When you create a new file, by default it will be named “Untitled document.” To rename your file

  • Click the name of the file
  • Type the new name
  • Click enter

How to rename a Document

Follow this link and start working like a pro!

#3 Edit and format a document:

There are many ways to edit the document.

  • How to Insert image: You can add the image in a document from your computer or the web .

1. Click Insert menu and select image.

2. Choose an image that you want to insert.

  • How to remove an image: Select the image you want to delete, click right and choose cut.
  • How to Insert a Table: You can organize the information in a table.

Steps to insert table: Open the insert menu and go to the table option, select number or rows and columns you want to add.

  • How to add a link: you can also create a link to your document.

Click insert >link or click the link icon in the toolbar.

  • Set margins, page size, orientation and background color:

To change these options: Click File menu and then choose Page setup.

#4 How to Share File

  1. Open the file you want to share
  2. Click Share
  3. Enter the email address of the person, you would like to share.
  4. Choose the type of access you want to give people:
  • Can edit- Recipients can make any changes in the shared document.
  • Can comment- Recipients can add comments, but not edit content.
  • Can view- Recipients can only view the file ,but not edit or comment.
  1. After selecting above-mentioned options, Click on Done

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#5 Add a Comment in the file

To communicate with the team about a specific part of a document or you would like to suggest any changes, you can insert a comment in your file.

  • Open the document
  • Highlight the content you would like to comment
  • Add your comment in one of the following ways:

1. Click Add comment icon.

2. Go to Insert and click comment.

  • Add your note and click comment.

#6 Print and download document in another version

  • To print your document, you can do one of the following options:

1. Select File tab from menu and then click print

2. Click on Print Icon in the toolbar

  • Download document in other formats: If you want to download your file as another format like .docx, .rtf or as a web. You will need to open the File and choose Download asan option.

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Learn more about keyboard shortcuts

Alt+F To open file menu

Alt+E To open edit menu

Alt+V For view menu

Alt+I To navigate insert menu

Alt+T To open tools menu

Alt+N To open add-ons menu

Ctrl+K To insert a link

Ctrl+F Find

Ctrl+B Bold

Ctrl+I Italic

Ctrl+U Underline

Ctrl+H Find and Replace

Ctrl+Shift+L For left align text

Ctrl+Shift+R For right align text

Ctrl+Shift+E For center align text

Ctrl+Shift+J For justify align text

Ctrl+Shift+c Count words

Ctrl+Alt+M For add comment

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Being one of the most excellent apps, Google Apps lets you work collaboratively while being anywhere at anytime.

It offers best features that help you to work seamlessly. It’s free to use and there are no more backup issues as it automatically saves your documents.

So, learn new ways to create Google Docs and work efficiently without any hiccups.

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