How to use Google Apps for research and development in 10 ways

Read further to know how to use Google Apps for carrying out research and development in every industry.

In business, every new entrepreneur looks ahead to create a successful business venture. But, having a right business idea is not enough.

Without research, even a great business idea fails. So far, businesses, industries, and many sectors have been doing their market research via traditional ways.

But as we now have more access to technology and internet accessibility, research and development is no longer a painstaking task.

Do you know why cloud-based services are all the rage among working professionals? Because, everything you do on a cloud, gets automatically saved on the powerful servers and online collaboration is now much more seamless.

One can make a use of advanced web-based apps for collecting and storing all the relevant information. These apps are super-efficient in researching, compiling and presenting the facts and statistics in a beautiful way.

We all know Research and development plays a vital role in the success of every industry. It acts a catalyst for growth and contributes majorly to the company’s profitability and sustainability in the market.

Extensive research plays a significant role in understanding the people’s choices and helps a company developing a right product or a service.

Though conducting research is itself a daunting task, but it’s now much easier to do as Google Apps for work are here to help you.

To know more, let’s unleash the power of Google Apps for work and explore how to use Google Apps for research and development (R&D) in 10 ways.

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How to use Google Apps in R&D

Google Apps for Work is a perfect suite of cloud-based collaboration tools which comprises Google’s top-notch online applications.

Google Alerts

For content researchers, Google Alerts turns out to be excellent research tools for getting related updates regarding a particular keyword or topic.

To get started, go to the Google’s search box, type the keyword, select the ‘News tab’ and you will find the top results right in your web browser.

As per the frequency of the already created alerts, you will also get regular alerts in your Gmail Inbox.

You can also apply filters and change the frequency of Google Alerts as per your requirement.


You may know SurveyMonkey or PollDaddy, but if you haven’t tried Google Forms yet, then you should try it.

Google Forms helps in conducting online polls or survey on a particular product, service or an industry. Also, check out consumer’s feedback about a product or service, give reviews and do much more.

The responses get automatically collected in a spreadsheet, and you get email notifications. You can even send in mail reminders to the audience you are tapping.

For a creating a new form, select a blank untitled form and start by writing a Form’s Title and Description.

After that, you can write the question along with the answer options. You can select the different response type options — short answer, paragraph, and multiple choice.

Google Groups

Are you confused about your next project? Don’t panic as you can count on Google Groupsand can collect right feedback and ideas from a selected group of people.

It’s a powerful online discussion forum where you can start a discussion about any topic. But you should have a Google Account if you want to access Google Groups.

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Google Sheets

Are you looking to collect the massive amounts of data?

Google Sheets is the amazing way to organizing, collecting and filtering information in a systematic way. Multiple users can work together on sheets in the real time.

While making changes or editing any document, users can also chat alongside. Even with the revisions’ history feature, users can view who did what changes at what time.

The users can apply macros in Sheets to automate their tasks.

Google Docs

By far, Google Docs are one of the most used, interactive and collaborative apps from Google’s portfolio. Apart from creating a new untitled document, you can simultaneously edit and instantly share docs with your coworkers.

You can work collaboratively with your team and exchange ideas. Users can also chat while proof-reading the entire document. It offers amazing features that allow people to work seamlessly from anywhere and at any time.

Below are features of Google Docs

  • In Google Docs, you can research about anything via a ‘Research option.’ For using this feature, start by clicking on Tools, then click on Research, a small tab will open on the right side of the document.

You can write anything in a search box. By hovering over a web result, you can preview the site, insert link and cite the reference sources. It’s a helpful tool for teachers, students, researchers, and professionals.

One can explore almost everything from images, scholar, quotations, dictionary, and tables. You can make use of various templates for creating a different type of documents.

  • Voice typing is a hands-free feature in Docs that quickly recognizes what you speak and writes what you say. To use this tool, all need to do is — turn on your microphone. You can do voice typing in various languages and accents.
  • Download in different formats: You can download document in different formats such as PDF document (.pdf), (.docx) or plain text (.txt)
  • Send it as an Email Attachment: You need not go directly in the mail as you can send the document in Email as an attachment.
  • Revision history: This feature lets you view revisions in a document. It highlights the date and tells who did what changes in a document.

You can also view detailed revisions in Docs to see who made what modifications.

  • Add-ons: People can get add-ons and manage them the way they want.
  • Insert comments: Give your feedback by editing the text. You can add comments, give suggestions or directly edit the document.

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For connecting with your international clients, suppliers, vendors, designers, writers, and reporters, Hangouts is the regarded as one of the smartest real-time communication tools.

It facilitates in organizing and scheduling virtual meetings and communicate with a one person or a group of individuals.

By using Hangouts, researchers can directly interact with the experienced professionals to get valuable insights on the subject.

Even correspondents, reporters or editors can conduct live interviews with the industry’s stalwarts while sitting in their offices.

Besides, people can save their time on traveling and can interact with anyone by using any device.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage service for students, research fellows, working professionals and businesses. If you own a Google Account, you can only access 15GB of free storage space.

Depending on your requirements, if you need more room for storing your personal or professional stuff, you can also check out the paid version of the Drive.

Today, more than 90% professionals store their important files on their system’s hard drive. The biggest disadvantage of the same is that you cannot rely on office systems as one can lose their critical data anytime due to system failure.

Many times, I have also experienced the same situation. But now, I have no such issues as I totally rely on Google’s servers. It automatically saves and stores all my important stuff.

For designers, content writers, product managers and service providers, Drive is the best medium to collaborate online and share specific files and folders from a centralized location.

In a team, individuals can share files and folders with co-workers and can work in the real time.

As the owner of the Drive, one can give a right to access to a single person or a selected group of people for a better collaboration at work.

Instead of sharing a document, they can also share a link to a file and a folder to work more seamlessly. See how you can share the link to a file or a folder from Google Drive.

You can also view your activity and review the shared folders and see who did what changes in a shared file.

If you want to be more productive, you can also learn about the keyboard shortcuts for accessing Drive effortlessly.

Tip: Learn how Google Drive works!

Google Slides

Once you have collected all the necessary information, it’s now the time to represent the information interestingly.

Nothing is better than Google Slides as it’s more interactive and user-friendly. With Slides, you can introduce a new product or service showcase market analysis and highlight the company’s growth plans.

For presenting the collected information, you can make use of different templates and incorporate styles and designs to represent the information in a beautiful way.

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Google Calendar

Are you planning to finish your target project before the month end?

There’s nothing better than Google Calendar! It helps in organizing event dates, scheduling the entire month, setting up deadlines and reminders for clients and research experts to finish the project by a set deadline.

You can also create multiple Calendars and view on any device including mobile or a tablet. You can stay on top of everything by adding reminders and email notifications.

Google Analytics

For website owners, it’s a perfect tool for checking out the website analytics. Here’s howGoogle Analytics helps you in different ways.

  • Find out website traffic
  • Explore from where traffic is coming to — It can be direct through web results, social media platforms or mobile browsers
  • Demographics: Highlights age & gender of the visitors
  • View location demographics of the new and returning visitors
  • Identify best vs. worst content on your website
  • Check out the bounce rate

Here are more tips to use Google Analytics in a best possible way.


We all know doing ‘Research’ is one of the painstaking tasks that requires a lot of time and attention. But, it’s not a major case nowadays as Google Apps have made things much simpler.

Say goodbye to old ways and hop on to Google Apps for conducting an extensive research for a new idea, project, product or a service.

Besides that, each Google App comes with the best of inbuilt tools that help in effective communication, collaboration, and seamless coordination within a team and across the organization.

All of these apps are readily available from a single Google Account, and you get access to free-of-cost and user-friendly interface with powerful features.

Google Apps have now made things much simpler and you can do as many things you want to do. So, keep exploring new ways to optimize your research with these apps.

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