The Amazing Race is (almost) on!

The Amazing Race is to Canada what poutine, donuts, hockey, and beer are. Home :)

One hour to go ‘til AmazingRaceCanada time tonight! Soooo excited to see how this year’s teams fare against each other racing from destination to destination…from Toronto to India!

It may be a little early in the game to pick a favourite team, but it will be interesting to see who leads out of the gate after tonight’s challenge. Like the Breakfast Club says, this season you have your cops, your wrestlers, your athletes and your “average Joe’s”.

And some may say, “but wouldn’t athletes or pro-wrestlers have the advantage?”. If it was a race, on foot, running from start to finish, I would say yes. But it’s not just about speed.

What keeps me coming back week after week, and sitting on the edge of my seat rooting for my favourite team, is that this race isn’t only about speed and athletic ability. It takes strength and determination to race against each other, against the clock, week after week while learning to coordinate and conquer possible fears and egos to win the challenges.

So to me, its more about the journey with a lot of fun, people, and beautiful scenery along the way. So, lets do this Canada!!

Good luck teams…on your marks…get set…ready…

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