The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

I think it’s a fair criticism that some leading voices against Brexit tend to be more technocratic, but there’s an obvious reason people like Lord Adonis and Tony Blair are leading the ‘Stop Brexit’ movement — Corbyn’s abdication of leadership on the subject. In interviews Blair admits he’s not the best spokesperson for the cause but feels he has to speak out because no one else with the ability to attract a headline or get a spot on a Sunday morning show is doing so. Labour and the unions also have campaigning infrastructure vastly superior to anything that any ‘Stop Brexit’ campaign could muster. Of course in an ideal world Lord Adonis wouldn’t be leading this — it would be the Labour leader and his MPs leading the fight.

So I do find this article pretty disingenuous — if you genuinely agree with those trying to get people to rethink Brexit, why are you attacking them with exactly the same tropes as the Daily Mail trots out instead of adding your voice to theirs and making the anti-Brexit campaign more diverse and powerful? I can see why Corbyn is cowardly on this — fear (one that may very well be overplayed) of losing pro-Brexit Labour voters to the Tories — but that restriction doesn’t apply to a commentator-cum-activist.

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