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Shivani Chakrachhattri

Sharing an experience.

While there are many community-based platforms trying to solve the world’s biggest problems but there is probably no one that is merging design, people, and tech the way OpenIdeo is.

I happen to be a community prototyper for a challenge which was about solving the issue of waste created by a used shoe.

Let’s say OpenIDEO calls out one of the many big challenges that the world is facing, for instance, this one around curbing the synthetic irreversible waste. They work hard and come up with a problem statement and then open a challenge around it. Their platform opens up for everyone to submit their creative solutions.

OpenIdeo receives many hundred pitches for each challenge. There is ample help for participants to navigate in each phase of the challenge. Then, OpenIdeo in collaboration with the sponsors selects a few ideas from the community(OSC) which built an actual prototype.

These few teams with potential ideas are then paired with community mentors/ community prototypers to help them navigate and actually convert their ideas into product prototypes and take it further. That’s what was my role.

I was coupled with a team in California, USA while I was in Mumbai, India.
You would think how would that work? And that’s the thing I discovered too.
Check out work

OpenIDEO is tapping digital socializing like fire in a forest.
A few awkward video calls and then you wouldn’t even realize when you become a part of this new digital social structure which would feel totally normal. I had Lauren, the super energetic poet and an OpenIDEO Community Manager who helped me dive into this new normal. She’s awesome.

Below is a picture of the amazing journey we took as a team. I was doing the mini-prototypes while the team was making the actual ones which were to be sent for judging.

The team: Caleb, Shivani, James, Everette, David

OpenIDEO makes change happen and so do you. Or vice-versa.

If you have some free time, you might try having a look at

Keep designing. Keep living.

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