It goes without saying that these are unchartered times for us all. Despite the current challenges we are very conscious that this is something that we will all get through eventually and so, unlike many businesses, we are still currently hiring. However, the landscape is changing around us on a daily basis and nobody quite knows what the future holds apart from perhaps more and more Zoom parties!

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Being in the middle of a national crisis certainly focuses the mind and we as a company have responded very quickly to the national developments as they have taken place. …

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Hello Jack! Please introduce yourself in one sentence.

Ola! My name’s Jack Yarrington, I’m a people-driven sales professional from Australia.

Why did you end up joining Unbiased?

I connected really well with everyone in the in the interview process and felt a really positive energy.

Its an exciting time of growth for the company that I’m eager to be a part of.

What does your job involve and how does it contribute to a company’s success?

I like to view sales as the engine room of the company, the first point of contact for all our wonderful advisors signing up to Unbiased. …

We want to give you the best chance to perform well throughout the interview process so here are a few tips to help ensure you are set up for success as much as possible.

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Photo by Mike Meyers on Unsplash

Step 1

If your experience matches the job profile we’ll set up an initial phone or video call. This will usually be a chat with someone from the Talent Acquisition team and will last up to 30 minutes. Top tip: make sure you have done some research on Unbiased before we call!

Step 2

You’ll be invited in (or possibly a video call) to get a chance to meet the hiring manager and get a sense of the company culture. This is likely to be more of a functional/technical interview based around the functional area that you have applied for. …



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