By Ani Phelan

Lots of articles cover keeping the kids entertained when you work from home. But adapting the way you work in little ways can have a big impact.

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dad working from kitchen while daughter draws

By now, hopefully, many of you are settling into your new work surroundings. The kitchen table, the couch, or your home office. The coffee is brewing, the news is on quietly in the background, the birds are chirping, the -


Oh, right. You have kids. And school is closed. …

by Ani Phelan

Prompted by concerns around COVID-19 my inbox is filling up with questions about how I set up my teams to be successful working remotely.

Before I dive in, please follow reliable sources like the WHO and CDC to guide you, not sensationalized media.

At Work at Play, we’ve been running remote teams since 2010. We now function completely as a distributed team. Here are my top 5 tips for effective communication with remote teams.

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remote team video conference

1. Use Slack

Slack is a vital tool for communicating with team members. I won’t go into the ins and outs of Slack, there are plenty of great resources for that. …

by Ani Phelan & David Gratton

In the last 20 years, the one thing that separates companies that make great products or deliver great campaigns are those who rely heavily on qualitative research rather than quantitative research.

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quant vs. qual

Still, many companies rely almost exclusively on quantitative research. And for those that do both, their customer research budgets tend to lean heavily toward quantitative research instead. Why is that?

  1. Quantitative research is easy to collect. Whereas, qualitative research is hard to gather and parse.
  2. Quantitative research provides datasets and numerical descriptions that can be measured and graphed.
  3. Quantitative research provides assumed statistical relevance. …


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