We’re in the Avengers Endgame now

You don’t need to speculate, you just need to watch it. I will worth your while. Heck, it is worth that 10 years of your life since you started watching the first Iron Man. Same goes like my other review, after the dotted lines — spoilers.


Today, I believe I had witnessed the greatest phenomenon I ever experience in my life. Imagine, I was still single 10 years ago, and now I have a couple of kids still eager and excited to see THE superheroes movie which I know will end everything.

My expectation were high. I didn't even plan to watch it on the first day — scared to lose my high expectation, scared that it might suck until I read a short early review calling it A MASTERPIECE. There and then I searched for available ticket for a sold-out show since a month before and with some luck I found a pretty good seat.

There is no freaking way anyone’s expectations even how high it may be, to even come close on how it will make you feel at the end. Since the movie begins, I laughed, I cried, smiled, feeling anxious, feeling sad, joyed, suspense and everything in between. Marvel has planned out everything perfectly and exceeded through this. I can’t believe I cried thinking — I deserve this movie. It was a perfect 10 times infinity. I am not crying because of someone died. My tears fell when I saw everyone came together to fight evil. As cliche as it sounds, trust me when you see that moment you will get that goosebumps and tears will fall automatically. It was a beautiful feeling.

Everyone is in the movie, and I mean EVERYONE — even Jarvis, in flesh. That was a sweet surprise. All your favourite characters that you known for all these years, every, single, one of them. It is amazing how they can pull this off and bring everyone together in this one hell of a show.

Sincerely, I am deeply and gratefully thankful for this, Stan Lee, Marvel and everyone involved. It has been a great 10 years. Thank you for the payoffs.

Just, thank you.




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Work by shuks

Work by shuks

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