1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss — but your small business can help.

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Though research into infant mortality is making progress, 1 in 4 pregnancies still end in loss. But UK charity Tommy’s are working towards making the UK the safest place in the world to give birth, and by 2030, they aim to have halved the number of babies lost in pregnancy and birth.

To help raise awareness this Baby Loss Awareness Week (9th-15th October), we caught up with the Tommy’s team to find out a little more about their work, and their innovative approach to fundraising.

How does Baby Loss Awareness Week help families? And how can people get involved?

During baby loss awareness week, it is so important to recognise parents of all kinds, including those who are grieving and bereaved. We believe that every baby lost is one too many and we need to break down the stigma surrounding baby loss. It’s a time when parents can come together for change to commemorate their lost babies, and break the silence that still exists around this subject.

What are some of the biggest successes you’ve experienced at Tommy’s?

At Tommy’s, we aim to support all parents throughout their pregnancy, with accurate, helpful information and practice — and we’re proud to see positive impacts from our clinics and Pregnancy Hub year on year.

Across our clinics, stillbirth has declined by 32% since 2010 in the Greater Manchester area through our Rainbow clinics, and through the research and clinics in Edinburgh, women with a BMI over 40 are 8 times less likely to have a stillbirth. In 2018, Tommy’s Midwives responded to 4,964 concerns and comments from parents, an increase in activity of 45% on 2017.

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We’ve also developed technology that helps parents during and after their pregnancy, including the free ‘My Premature Baby’ app for parents, and the QUiPP app which helps doctors accurately identify women at risk of premature birth.

In the age of the working mum and the ‘mumpreneur’, how can small businesses and sole traders support Tommy’s?

We are fortunate to have an increasing number of small businesses that want to support Tommy’s, and we’re incredibly grateful! However we are a small team, and as this number grows it becomes increasingly difficult in both time and resource to manage the initial enquiry follow up, administration and set up of so many partnerships on this level.

This is why we turned to Work for Good to help us streamline the process. We want to make sure that the donations we are so lucky to receive from our small businesses goes into funding our research rather than the administration.

Case study: Pattie & Co

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Spurred by her own experiences with difficulty conceiving, a threatened miscarriage and postnatal anxiety, mum and small business owner Cat was motivated to ‘do something more’ with her business. So she found a way to give back to women who were going through all aspects of motherhood — even the most difficult and heartbreaking ones.

By supporting Tommy’s through Work for Good, Cat’s business Pattie & Co. are helping to break down some of the hurdles for women on their journey into motherhood. And so far, they’ve gone from strength to strength. Since donating £5 for every rainbow muslin sold, Pattie & Co’s sales have continued to grow — and Cat has even smashed her donations target of £2,500 this year!

Read the full story of Cat’s journey to motherhood and how she makes a difference.

Thanks to Tommy’s for speaking to us about Baby Loss Awareness Week, and for giving us an insight into their fundraising process. We’re very proud to be helping connect Tommy’s with small businesses and sole traders who want to make a difference through their work!

Inspired to start donating through your small business? With Work for Good you can do so and get set up in just a few clicks, for free!

We take care of the legal admin for you — plus we’ll help you set your own donation targets, pay donations to the charities and promote your giving to your clients and customers. Visit the Work for Good website to find out more.

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