Going beyond Plastic Free July — 3 environmental charities your business can continue to support in 2020

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Jul 29 · 4 min read
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Plastic Free July is a global movement to reduce plastic pollution by helping us discover solutions which enable us to reduce plastic waste at home and in our communities.

As we’re nearing the end of July, you may have adopted new switches to cut out single-use plastic. Whether that’s carrying around a reusable water bottle or switching to plastic free toilet paper.

Our planet needs us more than ever and there are brilliant environmental charities taking action to tackle plastic pollution and climate change. Below are three charities campaigning to protect our planet, that your business can support by pledging donations and raising awareness.

Plastic Oceans UK

Whilst living in the paused world of COVID-19, we have an opportunity to reflect on our own lives and uses of plastic in daily lives. Take the time to make your own pledges for a more plastic-free life from now on.

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Image from Plastic Oceans UK

Plastic Oceans UK is the charity behind the powerful documentary: A Plastic Ocean, dubbed “one of the most important films of our time” by Sir David Attenborough. By donating to Plastic Oceans through your business you’ll be contributing to their three key programmes:

  • Education: providing teacher training on the topic of plastic pollution and ocean health, which can be easily embedded in to the school curriculum.
  • Science: any information released by Plastic Oceans UK is backed by peer-reviewed science. Their relationships with leading scientists allow them to fund reports into emerging solutions.
  • Business sustainability: businesses play an essential role in the plastic crisis. Plastic Oceans UK work with a range of companies to help them adapt to their customer’s demands to have less plastic, in turn reducing individuals’ plastic footprints.

Set up a donation to Plastic Oceans UK here.

Marine Conservation Society

One thing that the COVID pandemic is teaching us is that change is not only possible, but change can happen and fast. So now we know change is possible, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see companies commit to switching off the single-use plastic tap at source?

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Image from Marine Conservation Society

For over 30 years MCS has been the voice for the sea — for all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the waves, for our breathtaking coastal environment, for all those who make a sustainable living from the sea and for everyone who simply enjoys visiting the beach and our glorious coastline.

One of their current campaigns is a call for legislation that will see washing machine manufacturers fit microfibre filters in all new domestic and commercial machines, by law, by 2023. Clothes often contain microfibres which are made of plastic and washing synthetic clothes accounts for 35% of primary microplastics found in the environment. Filters would stop these microplastics reaching our seas.

By donating to MSC, you’ll also be contributing to their:

  • National beach cleaning and litter surveying programme, Beachwatch, which helps people all around the UK to care for their coastline, and provides MSC with the data they need to campaign for litter-free coastlines and better protection for our marine wildlife.
  • Good Fish Guide, which informs the public about which fish comes from sustainably managed stocks and is caught or farmed in a way that causes minimal damage to the marine environment and other wildlife.
  • Local projects which range from working with local communities, governments, marine managers and scientists to ensure that our ocean is well looked after and able to recover.

Set up a donation to Marine Conservation Society here.

Surfers Against Sewage

Huge plastic polluters are using the pandemic to roll back hard-won victories on plastic pollution. But we can resist their attempts to create another wave of avoidable plastic.

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Image from Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage started as a response by the surfing community to the dreadful state of our beaches. Throwaway plastic pollution is the ‘new sewage’ so their priority now is to fight plastic pollution with a two-pronged approach:

  • Stopping the problem at source: By tackling society’s throwaway culture when it comes to single-use plastics with solutions such as a Deposit Return System (DRS) to stop millions of pieces of plastic from entering the ocean eco-system in the first place.
  • Cleaning up pollution from our beaches: ‘We’re a movement of do-ers, not just talkers’. SAS organise more beach cleans than any other charity in the UK. Their #lessplasticplease campaign encourages people to keep using reusable cups, bottles, and bags and now, to add in a reusable, washable face mask.

Set up a donation to Surfers Against Sewage here.

About Work for Good

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Donating to charity as a business can be challenging due to legal requirements, however Work for Good automates this process, making it easy for any sized business to donate within minutes.

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