Do good in exactly 12 minutes 34 seconds

Support a charity in the time it takes to drink your tea!

While recently speaking to a potential Work for Good business, we were asked how much effort was involved in getting started. They were really surprised to find out how quick and easy it is, so much so that you can complete the entire process from registering through to making a donation in less than 15 minutes. Perhaps you or a business you know might be holding back because you think the process will be time consuming? We’re here to show you that it’s anything but.

Step 1: Create an account (1 minute and 6 seconds)

You’ll need:
- Your first and last name
- Your businesses name
- Your registered business number (optional)
- Your email address
- A secure password to use (we recommend a mix of upper and lower case letters)

If you like, you can follow along with the tutorial video below.

Step 2: Set up your profile (5 minutes and 28 seconds)

You’ll need:
- Your business address 
- An idea of which charities you intend to support (optional but strongly encouraged!). For some inspiration, have a look at our Charities page:

Optional but recommended:
- Your logo or another relevant company image
- A company image for your header photo 
- Your company tagline or subheading 
- Your phone number 
- Your company bio
- Your website 
- Your social media links
- A promotional video link

Again, you can follow along with the tutorial video below.

Step 3: Load a Work for Good project (3 minutes and 52 seconds)

You’ll need:
- An idea of what your first project will be. For some inspiration, have a look here:
- The date you would like to make your donation

Optional but recommended:
- Your client’s name (if you are involving them)
- Your client’s email address (if you are involving them)

A video tutorial on how to load a project is below.

Step 4: Make a donation (2 minutes and 8 seconds)

You’ll need:
- Your company credit card details

It couldn’t be easier! If you have any questions, you can always contact:

Create an account