How a women’s networking group is fighting against human trafficking

“ My top piece of advice is to give from what you have, build a good strong business so that you have the means to give back. As you grow so can your giving.”

We invited Angela De’Souza to talk to us about what makes Work for Good the perfect charity-giving partner for her business, Women’s Business Club.

Angela De’Souza Managing Director of Women’s Business Club

Tell us a bit about Women’s Business Club?

Women’s Business Club is a national network for businesswomen. Our heartbeat is to connect, support and empower the UK’s businesswomen from a start-up to successful corporate career women. It’s all about the power of what happens when women get together and support each other and our favourite saying is that we can make the impossible possible when we do it together. Our support ranges from networking, mentoring and training to our annual Maximise Conference & Awards. We offer tons of practical support to women every step of the way on their business journey.

What inspired you to join Work for Good?

As a company we love to give and support charities. After hearing Danny’s talk at our Bath Women’s Business Club it was a no brainer to move all of our giving to the Work for Good platform. It’s a tidy way to keep all our giving in one place even though we wish to give to several charities.

How does Women’s Business Club give through Work for Good?

Women’s Business Club gives in two ways. Firstly, we give directly to our favourite charities as often as possible and secondly we give 5% of our membership fees to the member’s charity of their choice. It’s a great way to include our members in our giving and to support their favourite charity.

How did you decide which charities to donate to? 
Women’s Business Club’s overall cause is human trafficking, so we will support any charity that fights against this injustice so we can do our part in putting an end to slavery. We’ve particularly focused on giving to local charities as we not only felt we could have more of an impact there, but we also wanted wanted to help the community. Our members, however, are free to choose which charity 5% of their membership goes to.

What impact have you seen on your business since joining Work for Good?

We have loved being a part of Work for Good and it has given our members a fantastic opportunity to give to charity, even if it’s a small amount, they are free to do so through the platform. This is not always possible as some bigger charities don’t take small donations. Our members also enjoy being able to nominate their favourite charity and get them involved with Work for Good too.

What would you say to a business who is thinking about giving back, but not sure if they are established enough?

The great thing about Work for Good is that any size business and any size donation is welcomed. So you can start small and test the waters. My top piece of advice is to give from what you have, build a good strong business so that you have the means to give back. As you grow so can your giving.

We loved talking to Angela! You can find out more about Women’s Business Club here and if you would like more information on Work for Good please do get in touch.