How small businesses are fighting cancer and tackling climate change

With 90% of people indicating they would switch brands to support a specific cause, now is the time for businesses to be more than just about profit.

These small businesses show us that you don’t have to be big to make an impact!


Lucy and Tamsin are the amazing women behind BundleBeds, who turned a manufacturing nightmare into helping raise money for treatment to save a little boys life.

Their sleep-anywhere bed kits raised an incredible £1,290 for Solving Kids’ Cancer, in just 1 month and has helped send Teddy to New York for his life saving treatment.

“We’d made a mistake with a manufacturer and had a warehouse full of beds that weren’t right. We were going to have to sell them off at a loss to clear space and start again (and we didn’t want to just throw them away) — but we decided that we could make this a pro-active, positive decision and we set up our contribution to the Ten for Ted campaign through Work for Good. We now look back on that month as the one where we raised the most money so far for a cause we believed in — rather than the one where we spent a lot of time sorting out a costly mistake!”

Humble Crumble

When Kimberley set up Humble Crumble, a pop up street food and crumble bar, it was super important to her that her business was sustainable and socially conscious from day one. She donates 20p to Friends of the Earth for each crumble sold.

“Running a socially responsible business to me, is multi-faceted but all about impact. When starting Humble Crumble, I felt that it was imperative to build a business that put the environment at the core.
By donating a part or percentage of your product sold, you’re able to run your business in a way that promotes change, leaves a positive impression with your customers and allows you to donate at a level that can help you grow.”

Hatchling Makes

Tash runs her own small business, Hatchling Makes, creating these awesome geometric animal designs. Since her art is dedicated to all kinds of wildlife, she makes it her mission to give back to the environment and donates 10% of her profits.

So far she’s supported five charities — and raised over £500 since joining! Not only is this an incredible achievement for the causes she’s supported, but she’s also seen a huge uplift in sales.

“I’ve doubled my monthly sales and been able to connect with like minded customers who really care about my business and making a difference to the world.”

Work for Good helps businesses like Bundlebeds, Humble Crumble and Hatchlings Makes donate to the charities and causes they care about via an online giving platform.

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When you’re setting up your own business it can be hard to factor in charity donations — with barriers such as additional legal admin, lack of time, or the worry that you’re not big enough to make a difference. However, we believe, no business is too small and placing a charitable purpose at the heart of your work can bring a variety of additional benefits.

If you’ve ever thought about giving back to society through your business, now’s the time to make it happen.

Let us help you.

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