How to make your business more socially responsible in less than 15 minutes!

The New Year always brings a pause for reflection — a few day’s window to look ahead and think about how this year will be different to the last. It’s as true in your business life as your personal. So this year, why not make a pledge to make a difference and be more socially responsible?

I’m sure it’s something many of you have thought about, but haven’t had the time or resources to take action on yet. This is a common problem for so many businesses and one we can help with.

Common challenges businesses face:

“I don’t have time to organise it”

Our online platform makes corporate social responsibility easy and impactful. We’ve made it super simple and very quick for you to get started, 12 minutes and 34 seconds to be exact (yes, we are a bit sad and we have timed it)!

All you have to do is:

  1. Register your business and subscribe (there is fee starting from £25 for sole traders)
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Choose how you want to give
  4. Start donating

Helen Robshaw from Faraway Travel has seen how simple it is to use ‘For us, the appeal was that it was all so easy. We could tie our giving into something we were already doing and promoting (the group adventure), the platform did all the hard work for us, and we could start small as there’s no minimum donation. It feels good to be off the starting blocks with our charitable giving as a business, and to know that we can effortlessly increase that as we grow”.

“I don’t have money to spare”

We understand that running a business is incredibly tough, the great thing about Work for Good is that you can donate in ways that work for you. One of our businesses, BTE Automotive is a family-run garage service which give £1 for each MOT undertaken and have already raised over £1000. Plus donations to charity are tax deductible, making it a win win!

“My business isn’t big or stable enough”

The size of your business doesn’t matter, whether it’s just you, a team of five or a department of thirty. In fact, we believe Work for Good will help you to differentiate yourself from other similar businesses and help you grow.

Lee Lam Consulting has seen the benefits “When I tell people that I give to charity through my business, I am confirming to them that my business is here to benefit all of society which is really the purpose of every business, if you think about it! I am able to improve my own reputation and people want to work with me because they know that in a way they are giving back as well”.

Now that we’ve debunked those problems for you, are you ready to make a change and start working for good?

We’ll leave you with some top tips on how to make the most out of business giving:

  1. Make a statement with the charities you choose. Who you choose to support will say something about your business. If local connections are important, choose a well-loved local charity. There may be a charity whose mission directly relates to your business purpose, for example, a tech company may choose to support an IT-related charity. Or there may be a very personal story you want to tell about a cause that is close to your heart.
  2. Involve your clients or employees in the giving process. People love to get involved in making a difference, especially when they get to choose a cause close to their heart. It’s a great way strengthen relationship and build loyalty. Applegarth Farm shop is a family-run business that asks customers to choose the charity that will benefit from the proceeds donated from their meal.
  3. Blog, tweet, make it social. Post your giving stories on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If there’s a strong local angle, you might find your local newspaper is interested, too.