Kicks Count — the small charity making a big impact for mums

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Oct 10 · 3 min read

This Baby Loss Awareness Week, as parents come together to commemorate their lost babies and the all too short time they had together, we’re shining a spotlight on the amazing preventative work of one of our smaller charity members — the incredible team at Kicks Count.

October is Baby Loss Awareness Month.

During pregnancy, parents are often overwhelmed with information about how to best care for their growing baby — and especially for parents who have already experienced miscarriage or baby loss in the past, things like the right sleeping position, eating the right foods, and feeling your baby’s movements can be a source of great anxiety. That’s where Kicks Count aim to make a difference for parents — helping mums keep track of their baby’s movement in the womb.

With only two full-time members of staff, this small UK charity have created an award-winning app that helps parents to record their baby’s daily movements, enabling them to notice a reduction or change, and get help from their midwife as soon as possible. The team also produce a handy wristband that helps mums to track their baby’s movements — as modelled by Holly Willoughby on Surprise, Surprise!

Kicks Count was set up in 2009 after the founder, Sophia Wyatt, gave birth to her precious daughter Chloe stillborn. Sophia’s grief moved her to help other mums avoid the pain she felt — and for the last ten years, the charity has gone from strength to strength, helping mums across the UK stay more informed about their pregnancy and the health of their baby in the womb.

However, life as a small charity isn’t without its struggles. “When you’re a fairly small charity, it’s so challenging to achieve your aims with limited funds and resources. People are usually shocked to hear that there are only two people who are plugging away for Kicks Count full time. Time is precious, donations even more so, and we are currently reliant on the generosity of individuals to keep us going.⁠”

At Work for Good, we take care of the admin which is needed for a small business to donate to Kicks Count through their sales, we’re pleased to be able to help free up the team’s time for all their other important work.

“Work for Good came to our attention recently and they have inspired us to try and improve the way we engage with businesses. Most businesses support a chosen charity and with good reason — it’s a great way to engage customers while making a positive contribution to a good cause.”

If you’d like to support Kicks Count this Baby Loss Awareness Month, find out more or donate to them, have a look at their Work for Good page.

Want to start donating through your business? With Work for Good you can get it all set up in just a few clicks, for free!

We take care of the legal admin for you — plus we’ll help you set your own donation targets, pay donations to the charities and promote your giving to your clients and customers. Visit the Work for Good website to find out more.

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