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SAP has about 425,000 customers in 180 countries, including 92% of the Forbes Global 2000, making it one of the most popular enterprise digital ecosystems. Many of these customers will build, on top of the powerful SAP software, processes involving not only SAP but other applications, with people working among components of the IT landscape to accurately get data where it needs to be.

There are many ways to get data into SAP, so how are enterprises best able to not only optimize SAP data entry but also the operational processes that support them? WorkFusion provides a transformational solution — not just because it is the only leading Intelligent Automation software vendor with a SAP certification, but also because it is able to solve business problems associated with processes using SAP. …

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There’s an emerging, even more compelling growth story to be told around process automation: Entirely new businesses can form around RPA, and small businesses can grow bigger through the exponential productivity that automation software allows.

R-Path Automation and Telogical Systems are two great examples of this business creation and growth.

Automation consulting firm R-Path helps businesses use robotic process automation and RPA tools to improve business outcomes. …

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By Kyle Hoback

Banks and other financial institutions around the world may be reconsidering their data security after news that a major cloud-focused bank was hacked via its Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. As a cloud infrastructure is often thought essential for the future of artificial intelligence in banking, large institutions weighing robotics and AI technologies may be feel deadlocked trying to innovate while maintaining control of data.

How can change agents leverage the promise and capabilities of AI in the banking sectorwithout shifting sensitive data off-site? WorkFusion’s Intelligent AutomationCloud provides enterprises the ability to transform their operations with machine-learning powered Intelligent Automation — all without the need to send data outside their firewall. On-premise AI is a proven reality in a vast range of processes, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Identification Validation, Standard Settlement Instruction (SSI) updates, and management of Customer Inquiries. …

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How to Choose the Right Intelligent Automation Vendor

by James Lawson, Director, Strategic Markets, WorkFusion

You want to transform your business through automation. You hope to improve service, cut costs, and enhance compliance. You know you need to invest in an Intelligent Automation (IA) platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Perhaps you’ve already had some success with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or you’re at the start of your journey and looking for a future-proof solution. With unstructured data and complex processes, you know intelligence will be key.

Selecting an Intelligent Automation vendor is hard

There’s a huge amount of hype and noise. Many companies talk a good game, but a survey of 2,830 AI startups showed that 40 percent don’t use AI in a “material” way. Some startups compensate for their lack of product with a data science team, building custom solutions each time. Others lack AI altogether, relying on people in the background to give an appearance of intelligence. …

We at WorkFusion (especially in the London office) were delighted to hear the Bank of England announce that mathematician, war hero and computer science pioneer Alan Turing will be pictured on a new £50 banknote.

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Decades after his untimely death, Alan Turing continues to be an inspiring visionary. He was an outstanding mathematician and a pioneer of computer science and artificial intelligence. In 1936, at age 24, he published “On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem,” a scholarly paper that is widely recognized as foundational to the field of computer science.

But he is best known as a World War II hero who devised code-breaking machines that ultimately helped the Allies defeat the Axis Powers. …

WorkFusion recently hosted an informative webinar on the opportunities and benefits of intelligent document processing (IDP) — featuring Anil Vijayan of Everest Group and Arnesh Sahay, a Solutions Engineer for WorkFusion, and moderated by Veronika Andreeva, Product Marketing Manager for WorkFusion.

More than 300 people have attended the free webinar so far, and it’s still available on-demand at:

The 30-minute presentation was followed by a Q&A, and many attendees had additional questions that we wanted to answer with some detail here.

Scroll for the answers to these topics:

  • How are ML/NLP algorithms utilized in WorkFusion’s IDP solution?
  • What does the initial training for a WorkFusion ML model look like? After an initial model is trained, how does the software perform quality control against the model’s output?

New Everest Group research explains: For long-term success, companies need Intelligent Automation solutions with integrated AI

Automating purely to reduce cost isn’t transformation. It’s optimization. That’s fine if you’re only interested in short-term wins, but leading enterprises — the ones who beat born-digital competitors, keep customers and delight shareholders — are looking beyond cost reduction and envisioning long-term success.

Led by distinguished analyst Sarah Burnett, the team at Everest Research Group set out to help enterprise executives and automation practitioners understand the landscape and its options. This result is this recent report: “Intelligent Automation: Accelerating from Short-term Wins to Long-term Strategic Business Outcomes: A Guide to Undertaking Automation-led Business Transformation.”

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in business, but it can deliver even more benefit to users with an injection of breakthrough tech. Enter intelligent document processing (IDP), which uses machine learning (ML) to capture, classify and extract the most difficult to automate data: unstructured. IDP fills the wide capability gap left by rules-based RPA, which pulls and pushes structured data — and this capability is finally getting the attention it deserves as an enterprise technology superpower.

Everest Group is among the first firms to map the market and recognize its leaders, and in their latest assessment of the landscape, they have designated WorkFusion a Leader based on Market Impact and Vision & Capability. …

To help financial institutions understand why Intelligent Automation solves problems that earlier RPA solutions couldn’t handle, IDC’s Sneha Kapoor has published an insightful report that defines cognitive automation and makes a compelling case for why it’s a game-changing leap forward for enterprises with aggressive transformation and cost-reduction initiatives.

Notably, this report — “Robotic Process Automation Game Changers Advance Financial Services Institutions Toward Intelligent Digital Workforce” — takes a firm stand on how to define “intelligence” in automation software. …



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