Flexible Work Arrangements Which Organizations Should Opt-In Covid

Flexibility, the word itself, sounds so satisfying and relieving, and it’s something that everyone desires whether a person is working or just a person, flexibility matters. Especially when Covid came up, there was lockdown everywhere, and a majority of the companies ordered a memo to work from home. Every company must offer flexible work arrangements to its employees in this Covid situation when Omicron (the third wave) is on the loose.

What Is Flexible Work Arrangement?

Such arrangements allow employees to choose their work hours, like at what time they want to begin, the break times, and when they want to stop. But, flexible work hours doesn’t mean that the employees get relaxation in working hours. The employees working in such a manner must complete their official working hours and finish their work on time.

Why Is Flexible Work Arrangement Important?

Flexibility is important because when people work from home they have tons of household chores. When the organization implements flexible timings, the employees get a relaxation of finishing the household work, and they even get the time to spend some quality time with the family.

Organizations can implement numerous kinds of work arrangements that involve flexibility in the work environment. Let’s have a quick discussion:

Hybrid Work:

Hybrid Work

A hybrid work arrangement is one of the most flexible kinds of work arrangements where the employees get the privilege of selecting their work location. They can either work from home or the office. Location plays a great significance to work with 100% dedication. Similarly, selecting the offline/online mode of work is completely your choice when you have a hybrid work situation.



Even in such a type of work environment, it looks like a work from home thing. But, when you work with a telecommuting work arrangement, the employees can work from any location, whether it is a garden, library, coffee shop, or any co-working space. You can even gather with your colleagues and work together without any hassle.

Remote Work:

Remote Work

After Covid, more than 75% of the organizations have switched completely towards remote work. The employees have now got flexible work arrangements for themselves and work hassle-free. They can connect with their team via video conferencing, and the management can install employee monitoring software to track their work and productivity.

Condensed Workweeks:

Condensed work weeks are a kind of arrangement that issues a memorandum of working for certain hours per week. For example, the management says, you need to work 24 hours per week, and now it depends on the worker how much time they should work each day. Now it is up to them whether they finish it in one day or five days. The work arrangement is quite comfortable for housewives, students, and other working professionals to earn extra income.

Part-Time Work:

Part-Time Work

Part-time work is the most flexible kind of work arrangement as the employees get the full privilege to choose their working hours and these working hours are not more than 6 hours/day. The only condition is, the total number of office hours has to be covered. Students and strugglers enjoy such type of work as a source of extra income and experience.

Shift Work:

Some companies offer services 24/7, such as call centers, eCommerce websites, software developers, etc. Basically, they have clients from US countries where the time format is different. In such cases, the shift is either day or night. The benefit they get is, they can finish all their important chores in the day and get to their job by night, which is quite flexible.

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Summing Up:

In this way, flexible work arrangements are really beneficial, and these were some of the most common work arrangements to implement during such a pandemic. We hope our readers understand the same and try one of these arrangements for safety and productivity reasons!




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