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Seriously, I do not understand why there is no background check before submitting a blog post or even SuperCharger will allow this one of the biggest FinTech startup scam to join their program. I am one of the victim from XNotes Alliance. This scam startup and Sopheap Lao, leaves all of the employees unpaid. Sopheap Lao claimed that he would settle my 4 months due salaries by 5th December, 2016 and HE DIDN’T. After that, he did not show up the settlement meeting with another colleague at the labour department, so I went straight to the Labour Tribunal and I was at the court on 16th January, 2017. Sopheap Lao did not show up again at the trial. I can provide all the evidences from the Labour Department and Labour Tribunal and we sincerely hope that no one will need to go through what all of us had been through and no more victims under this scammer.

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