Some new Digital Nomad destinations for 2016?

Merida, Mexico

We all know the most popular places to hang out as a Digital Nomad. Chiang Mai, Ubud in Bali, Bangkok and Saigon too (yes the locals still call HCMC Saigon).

In Europe we have established places such as Barcelona, Berlin and Prague. of course these places will remain ever popular with remote workers, but here are a few places that I think are going to be the next hotspots.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is pretty much mid way between Saigon and Hanoi on Vietnam’s vast coast. It is very near to the World Heritage town of Hoi An and receives many less visitors than it’s smaller neighbour.


Danang does have better communications as it boasts an airport and a major railway station.

The DM scene in Da Nang might be quiet for now but I think once more people see the charms of this place, then it’s likely to become popular.

Merida, Mexico

Gotta love Merida! It’s only a few hours from the madness of Cancun and Playa but it could be a world away. This is a safe Mexican city that has an awesome climate, particularly from November thru April and if you like hot weather, then you’ll love Merida.

The city is n’t exactly devoid of tourists, indeed many come here on day trips from the coast, but the advantage is the excellent infrastructure and services aimed at expats.

There are many coffee shops such as Starbucks and the food is insanely wonderful!

Krabi Town

Krabi Region

Thailand is probably the number one Digital Nomad destination but don’t do what everyone does and end up in Chiang Mai! For Thailand I have looked South and chosen a small provincial town near some much larger tourist areas. The advantage being you will have cheaper living costs but still be able to get your tourist fill in places such as Phuket, Ko Phi Phi etc

Krabi Town is a medium sized town that pretty much acts as a regional center and therefore has everything you might (and might not!) need.

There is an awesome little night market near the boats for Railey and a bigger, more authentic one in the town center.

Of course the best thing about Krabi Town is the fact you are so near to some World class beaches and islands too. There is a small international airport that serves KL, Singapore and Bangkok, which is very handy for visa runs.

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