— An open letter to Washington state political leaders —

“We urge you to use your emergency powers to preserve medical benefits, halt evictions, prevent utility shut-offs, and provide emergency income assistance”

Working Washington
29 min readMar 8, 2020

Community organizations from across the state are calling on our political leaders to use their emergency powers to address the looming economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis by taking four bold steps: preserve medical coverage, impose an eviction moratorium, halt utility shut-offs, and provide access to Emergency Income Assistance. After you’ve read the open letter below, please sign on and share!

March 8, 2020

To Governor Inslee, and County Executives and Mayors across Washington State:

We are writing to ask you to use your emergency powers to ease the looming economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis. With tens of thousands currently working from home, numerous public events canceled, tourism severely depressed, and “social distancing” encouraged, we are beginning to see dramatic reductions in demand at restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses in the Seattle area. This has already led to large-scale cuts to hours for service industry workers, and it is likely not simply a short-term issue, or a localized one; telecommuting recommendations for tech workers already extend through the end of the month, and most experts anticipate the virus will likely continue its spread across the state and across the country in the weeks ahead.

These kinds of broad, sudden, and sustained reductions in workers’ income can cause severe financial strain, particularly when nearly half of people in our country enter this crisis having less than $400 saved up for an emergency. Spiraling economic insecurity could have compounding impacts on the economy: as cuts to demand lead to cuts to hours, which lead to cuts to income, which lead to more cuts to demand, which lead to further cuts to hours, and on and on.

Public health is a central responsibility of government, and must be our shared priority — but economic insecurity is itself a public health issue. Having the money you need to support yourself and access to a safe place to live and other basic necessities are prerequisites to ensuring you can stay at home when you are sick, care for your family and community, appropriately weigh risks, and make thoughtful decisions about your health.

And while our state has what are among the nation’s strongest workers’ rights laws, we do not currently have the tools we need to ensure working people can emerge from this public health crisis without risk of losing their medical benefits, losing their incomes, losing access to basic utilities, or losing their homes.

Our state’s paid sick days law is a necessary start to helping workers navigate the crisis, but it’s not nearly sufficient. Because paid sick days are employer-based and accrue fairly slowly, most people working in high-turnover service jobs have few sick days available to them; independent contractors in the gig economy have no access to paid sick days at all; and almost nobody in any service-sector job has enough sick days banked to ride out a 14-day quarantine. Further, a sick day offers no benefit whatsoever in the event of a reduction in hours.

Our state’s paid family and medical leave program and strong workers compensation system are also critical supports which can and should be expanded to help mitigate the crisis. But neither is designed to address situations where workers do not personally have an illness in their household or did not contract one at work, but are nonetheless seeing economic impacts as a result of coronavirus response.

Washington state is on the front lines, and we need bold, urgent action to address the interlocking crises of public health and economic security. Microsoft and some other tech companies have already made important moves in this direction, taking responsibility at the corporate level to ensure that their shift to remote work does not cause a loss of income for the hourly workers at their locations whose jobs require their physical presence at the worksite. We are asking for similar leadership from state and local government to ensure our current public health crisis does not become a long term economic crisis.

We urge you to use your emergency powers to preserve medical benefits, halt evictions, prevent utility shut-offs, and provide emergency income assistance.

1) Preservation of medical benefits.

Most employers require employees to work a minimum number of hours to qualify for and maintain health benefits. If a worker’s hours are cut or job is lost due to reduced demand during the coronavirus response, they could quickly lose their healthcare coverage as a result — in the midst of widespread public health crisis.

Employers should be required to maintain the health benefits of their current employees, regardless of hours worked, and suspend the implementation of any other policy or practice which would otherwise terminate the healthcare benefits of anyone who currently receives such benefits. State and local government should similarly suspend any action to terminate anyone from any public plan of any kind.

2) Moratorium on evictions.

If the coronavirus response triggers sustained reductions in economic demand and household income, large numbers of workers who are already living paycheck to paycheck could soon be left unable to pay their rent and risk eviction from their homes. Further, responding to an unlawful detainer action requires renters to appear at the courthouses, regardless of their health — making it impossible for high-risk individuals to self-quarantine, and increasing their risk of contracting the virus.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we must keep people housed. Elected leaders should suspend all unlawful detainer filings during this crisis, and county sheriffs should suspend posting writs of restitution or otherwise carrying out evictions.

3) Prevent utility shut-offs.

Widespread loss of income will also likely cause increased numbers of people to fall behind on bills and risk having their water, gas, electricity, and other basic utility services shut-off. The impacts of utility shut-offs are severe in any circumstances, but would be even more severe in the midst of a coronavirus-related public health emergency. For example, it is vital that people have access to hot water in order to wash their hands.

All public and private utilities doing business in the state should halt all utility shut-offs during this crisis
. This specifically includes companies which provide internet and cell service, as they are critically important channels to provide accessible, accurate, and timely public health information.

4) Emergency Income Assistance.

Just as higher wages mean more customers and a growing economy, lower demand can lead directly to reduced incomes, which can further depress demand. Government should step in to break this cycle by providing emergency assistance to “backfill” a substantial share of any income lost to any worker during this crisis, regardless of the specific circumstances of the income reduction, regardless of whether or not these circumstances are directly or indirectly tied to coronavirus, and regardless of classification as an employee or contractor.

A new Emergency Income Assistance program could be rolled out quickly through the existing infrastructure used to pay unemployment benefits — though it would cover any reduction in work income, not just loss of employment — and could be funded through the release of surplus monies in the state budget stabilization account. Funds could be paid through simplified access to a combination of expanding partial unemployment benefits in the event of hours reductions, a waiver of the “waiting week” and job search requirements currently attached to unemployment benefits, expanding paid family and medical leave benefits to cover preventive quarantine, and expanding workers compensation benefits to cover exposure on the job.

We also ask our elected leaders to call on the private sector to step up. Large businesses should make workers whole for any pay lost due to this public health crisis, including by paying for canceled shifts. They should also do everything possible to ensure the safety of workers and customers, including being transparent about exposure risks and providing adequate tools, equipment, and training.

It is critical for as many people as possible to heed public health recommendations and take action to limit and slow the spread of coronavirus. In order to ensure that happens we must together take action to limit the economic impact of coronavirus.

We all have a role to play in this crisis. We urge public officials and corporate leaders to show leadership by taking these four bold steps to protect public health, provide economic security, and do right by workers and the community at large.

Signing in support (organizations listed in alphabetical order):
AFT Washington; African Diaspora of Washington; Amazon Employees for Climate Justice; Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO, Seattle chapter; Be: Seattle; Beacon UMC; Burial Grounds Coffee Collective; Campion Advocacy Fund; Children’s Alliance; Civic Ventures; Cloud City Coffee/El Diablo Coffee; Columbia Legal Services; Community Health Plan of Washington/Community Health Network of Washington; Democratic Socialists; Drivers Union; DSA; Economic Opportunity Institute; Faith Action Network; Federal Way Education Association; Firelands Workers United / Trabajadores Unidos; Food & Water Action; Freedom Socialist Party; Friends of the Showbox; Gallery Boom; Got Green; Greater Tacoma Community Foundation; Green Party of Washington State; Hair By Kit; Healthcare is a Human Right — WA; Housing for All Coalition; Humanists of Washington; IATSE Local 15; IATSE Local 488; Just Housing Olympia; Justice for Girls Coalition; Justice Leadership Programs; La Voz de Auburn; Limber Media, Inc.; Lisa Dupar Catering and Pomegranate Bistro; MLK County Labor Council; MLK County Working Families Party; National Association of Social Workers — WA Chapter; National Organization for Women — Seattle Chapter; Neighborhood House; Olympia Indivisible Steering Committee; Olympia Democratic Socialists of America; OneAmerica; Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane; Physicians for a National Health Program — Western Washington; PROTEC17; Public Defender Association; Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action Education Fund; Puget Sound Sage; QLaw Foundation; Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy; Real Change; Resident Action Project; SafeWork Washington; Seattle ACED; Seattle Amistad School; Seattle Indivisible; Share the Cities; Shelterwood Collective; Sierra Club Washington State; Snohomish Immigration Advocacy; Snakemirror Transformative Justice Collective; Social Justice Fund NW; Socialist Alternative; Spokane Area Tenants United; Spokane Democratic Socialists of America — Executive Committee; Statewide Poverty Action Network; Sunrise Movement Spokane; Tacoma Tenants Organizing Committee; TeamChild; Teamsters 117; Tenants Union of Washington State; Tenants Union of Washington State — Spokane; The Houston Agency; The Massage Sanctuary PLLC; The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance; The Washington Bus; 350 Seattle; Thurston County National Organization for Women; Transit Riders Union; UFCW 21; Unite Here Local 8; United Way of King County; United Ways of the Pacific Northwest; University of Washington Housestaff Association; University of Washington Professional Staff Organization; Wallingford Indivisible; Washington Community Action Network; Washington Low Income Housing Alliance; Washington State Budget & Policy Center; Washington State NOW, National Organization for Women; Wallingford Indivisible; Welcoming Wallingford; Working Washington; Xochipilli Latino Men’s Circle; YouthCare; YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish

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Tessa Heady, Seattle; Callib Heard, Auburn; Tyrell Hedlund, Seattle; Michael Hedt, Port Orchard; Paige Heggie, Seattle; Win Heimer; Eileen Heimer, Seattle; Connor Heindel, Kent; Cecilia Heine, Federal Way; Lori Heine, Auburn; David Helde, Seattle; Joan Heleine; Brian Helf; Susan Helf, Seattle; Susan Helf, Seattle; Bonnie Helmer; Vaughn Henderson, Seattle; Charlene Henley; Carole Henry, Seabeck; Dana Henry, Seattle; Peter Henry, Edmonds; Sophie Henry, Seattle; Judith Hensen, Bothell; Lane Hensley, Olympia; Anne Hepfer, Seattle; Emily Herbster; Gabriela Hernandez, Seattle; Sarah Herrera, Redmond; Sarah Herrera, Redmond; Michael Herschensohn; Shannon Hervieux, Rainier; Jay herzmark, Seattle; Laura Heupel, Seattle; Ciel Heupel, Tacoma; Pam Heyman, Seattle; Peter Heymann, Seattle; Penelope Hicks, Everett; Percy Hicks-Severn; Hollis Higgins, Spokane; Lynn Higgins, oly; Carol Ann Hiller; Diana Hillyard, Skyway; Bernice Hilton, Seattle; Nichole Hine, Olympia; Bryn Hines, Spokane; Randy Hinthorn, Seattle; Monet Hinton; Bruce Hlodnicki; Phillip Hodgins, Seattle; Abigail Hoehne, Seattle; Megan Hoerler, Bellingham; Jessica Hoffart, Tacoma; Rachel Hoffman, Everett; Stacy Hoffman, Seattle; HB Hoffman-Brown, Bellevue; Hannah Hoffmeyer, Seattle; Katie Hohnstein-Van Etten, Tacoma; Suzanne Holden, Vancouver; Adam Hyla Holdorf, Seattle; Kris Holliman, Shelton; Patricia Holm; Jacob Holt, Seattle; Zenovi Holt, Bonney Lake; Charlotte Holtry; Judy Honsowetz, Grapeview; Nelson Hooper, Longview; Vanessa Hooper, Seattle; Natasha Hopkins; Blythe Horman, Seattle; Jovohn Hornbuckle; Jaymie Horowitz, Spokane; Jaymie Horowitz, Spokane; “Jaymie Horowitz Horowitz, Spokes; e; d; “; Tasha Hoskins, Frederickson; Farin Houk, Seattle; Farin Houk, Seattle; Valerie House, Vancouver; Andrew Grant Houston; Leon Houston II; Amber Howard; Kaitlin Howard; Maureen Howard, Tacoma; Rooo Howard; Sierra Howard, Federal Way; Dustin Howett, Seattle; Danielle Howson, Federal way; Philip Huang, Seattle; Roisin Huang, Seattle; Ron Hubbard; Catherine Huber, Seattle; Anne Huckins, Kent; Laura Huddlestone, Seattle; Katie Hudgins, Renton; Andrew Huff, Olympia; Kathy Huffman; Kathy Hughes, Spanaway; Richard Hughes, Seattle; Gary Hull; Emilie Humberstone, Everett; Patrycja Humienik, Seattle; Linda Humphrey, Grapeview; Susan Hundrup, Federal Way; Mikylah Hunsaker, Auburn; Olivia Hunter, Seattle; Raven Hurt, Seattle; Graciela Huth; Aimee Huyck, Edmonds; Alex Hyman, Seattle; Amalia Icreverzi, Seattle; Francisco Irigon, Newcastle; Sandy Irving; Carol Isaac, Seattle; carol isaac; Jane Ishii, Federal Way; Elizabeth Ishmael; Ixtlan-Wales Isischild, Seattle; Gerald Iyall; Neijo Jableke, Everett; Kylie Jack, Seattle; Dawud Jackson, Seattle; Jennifer Jackson, Seattle; Kari Jackson; Sonia Jaffe, Seattle; Vanessa Jamison; Stina Janssen, Grays Harbor County, WA; asukaa jaxx, seattle; Robert Jeffs; Nina Jenkins; William Jenkins, Seattle; Carol Jensen, Everett; Laura Jensen, Kent; Crystal Jewell, Seattle; Samantha Jewell, Tacoma; Chen-Chen Jiang, Seattle; Jennifer Johannsen, Edgewood; allan Johnson; Bion Johnson, Seattle; Eric Johnson, Seattle; Madison Johnson, Seattle; Nicole Johnson, Burien; Sara Johnson, Lacey; Thomas Johnson, Seattle; Uli Johnson, Olympia; Emily Johnston, Seattle; Emily Johnston, Seattle; Craig Jones, Seattle; Michelle Jones, Maple Valley; Nicole Jones; Richard Jones, Vashon; Ursula Jongebloed; Zoey Jordan Salsbury, Seattle; Danyella Judson, Seattle; jacque julien, Seattle; Jaymes Junio; William Kachersky, Seattle; Rowen Kade, Seattle; Omar Kadmiri, Seattle; Anwar Kadmiri, Seattle; Karina Kaiwi, Seattle; Allison Kamahele, Bremerton; Trevor Kamschulte, Ferndale; Ed Kane, Seattle; Irene Kane; Peter Kane, Olympia; Rosalyn Kaplan; Sierra Kaplan-Nelson, Seattle; Lillian Karout, Auburn; Mary Kasimor; Samia Kassa, Renton; Jodie Katon, Seattle; April Katowitz, Seattle; Joanna Katz, Seattle; Aleesha Kaundal, Olympia; barbara kaykas, seattle; Anne Kazlauskas; Constance Keane; Aaron Keating, Seattle; Cheryl Keegan, Everett; Kathryn Keller, seattle; Sophia Keller, Burien; Kyle Kelly, Seattle; Esther Kemball, Seattle; Cathy Kennedy, Everett; Arcelia Kent, Ellensburg; Brianne Kerr; Connor Kershner, Mountlake Terrace; Laura Kexel, Milton; Adi Khalsa, Olympia; Amber khan; Joshua kibbey, BURIEN; Nancy Kick, Burien; Nancy Kick, Burien; Brianna Kiehle; John Kight, Seattle; Daniel Kiley, Bothell; Jill Killen, Seattle; Kim Kinchen, Seattle; Nichole King, Olympia; Jan Kinsey, Seattle; david kipnis; Ingrid Kjelstrup, Burien; Annette Klapstein, Bainbridge Island; Caitlin Klask, Seattle; Diana Klatte, Seattle; Holly Klindt, Tacoma; Diana Klueter; Olivia Klutse, Seattle; Lisa Knapp, Federal Way; Taryn Knopf, Redmond; Jordynn Knott, Seattle; Payton Knudson, Arlington; Diane Knutson, Ocean Park; Ande Kobek, Olympia; Alysha Koehler, Seattle; Bennett Koffa, Kirkland; Ulle Koiv; Rel Konot, Poulsbo; Mark Koritz; Laurel Kornfeld; Meridee Kortan, Ferndale; Krystle Kottke, Everett; Jess Kozik, Seattle; Karen Kraabel, Federal Way; Erin Kramer, Olympia; Skyler Kraykovic; Carol Kreck; Leanne Kunze, Olympia; Linda Kurij, Seattle; Andrea Kurtzman, Seattle; Daniel Kurz; Morgan Kyle, West Seattle; Lindsay Labare, Kirkland; Kaitlyn LaBorn, Bellevue; david j. lafond; Tiffany LaFontaine, Federal Way; Rich Lague, Seattle; Colleen Laing, Bellevue; Rachael Laitila, Tacoma; Takwoj B. Lakien, Everett; Theodore Lamb, Seattle; Michelle Lambert, Kirkland; Kristy LaMontagne, Vancouver; Michael Lampi, Bellevue; Jesse Lampman-Phelps; Christine Landon, Mountlake Terrace; Chris Lang, Seattle; Matthew Lang; Heidi Langendorff; Natasha Langley, Bremerton; Sherry Lankston, Woodinville; Kelly Lano, Covington; Laura Larson, Seattle; Erik LaRue, Burlington; Kara Latchinian, bellevue; Olivia Lauifi, Spanaway; Charlene Lauzon, Lynnwood; Jenna Lavaud, Tacoma; Colleen Lawler, Kent, WA; Kim Lawler, Kent; Sandra Lawrence; David Laws, Bellingham; Aja LeafeHall, Olympia; Ainsley Leavitt Holz, Renton; Anne Lee, seattle; Joanne Lee, Olympia; Mijo Lee, Seattle; mindi lee, seattle; Ungjoon Lee, Seattle; Mindi Lee, Seattle; Astara Leeder-chenvert, Seattle; Philip Lefcourt; Steve Leigh, Seattle; Steve Leigh, Seattle; Steve Leigh; Hannah Lemberg; Yanelin Lemus, Seattle; Erica Lenker, Olympia; lynne levine, Seattle; Rachael Levine; Brian Levy, Bainbridge Island; Jennifer Levy-Peck, Yelm; Angela Lewis, Bremerton; Debra Lewis, Seattle; Jessa Lewis; Samm Lewis; Tabetha Lewis, Federal Way; Ryan Leyva; jfklda lfjda; Victoria Liang; Stuart Lichtman; Lauren Lichty, Shoreline; Shari Lieber-Silverman, Tumwater; Al Liebeskind; Nicholas Ligon, Ellensburg; david lindberg; Terri Lindeke, Burien; Roberta Lindeman, Pourt Townsend; Maria Linder, Seattle, WA; Virgene Link-New, Anacortes; Jasper Lippman, Seattle; Regina Liszanckie, Seattle; Jamari Littlejohn, Tacoma; Kathi Littmann, Tacoma; Don Littrell, Tacoma; Stephanie Livers, Fife; Eric Lobdell, Seattle; Laura Loe, Seattle; Miguel Lofland, Olympia; Jennifer Lombardi, Seattle; Eileen Lomer, Seattle; Curt Loper, Seattle; Lonnie Lopez, Tukwila; Jeanene Lorey, Bothell; Ian Lottis, Bellevue; Gregory Lotze, Seattle; jonathan loucks, everett; Mark Loughran; Sammy Low, Stanwood; Dorothy Jo Lower, Seattle; Natalie Lubsen, Seattle; Albertha Lucas; Peter Lucas, Bainbridge Island; Mary Lucchesi, Seattle; Crystal Lukosh, Tacoma; Jodi Luna, Seattle; Cicely Lundberg, Auburn; Robert Lundquist, Anacortes; Hung Luong; Susan Luppert, Spokane; Tom Lux, Lake Forest Park; Janice Lyle, Marysville; Patty Lyman, Bainbridge Island; Kelly Lynch, Tacoma; Taniesha Lyons, Lakewood; Michael Mabrito, Seattle; Alex Macdonald, University Place; Lynn Macdonald, Tacoma; Travey MacDonald; Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Seattle; Kate MacMillan, Seattle; Amy Madden, Seattle; Javier Madrigal, kennewick; Millie Magner, Seattle; Kendall Mahoney, Tacoma; Paul Mailman, Seattle; Paul Mailman, Seattle; Angela Maioriello, Spokane; Paul Mak; Drisana Malaambo, Olympia; Linda Malanchuk-Finnan, Olympia; Christine Malek, Olympia; Claudia Mallon, Seattle; Emma Mallonee, Seattle; Amy Malmberg, Moxee; Jen Manlief, Seattle; Luis Manriquez, Spokane; Kathryn Maphosa, Kent; Chelsea March, Puyallup; Dan Marcus, Lynnwood; Lisa Marcus, Seattle; Lisa Marcus, Seattle; Cheryl Markham, Hansville, Kitsap Peninsula; Miranda Marti, Seattle; Faith Martian, Arlington; Noah Martin, Olympia; Ian Martinez, Seattle; James Martinez, Seattle; Marina Martinez, Seattle; Michael Martinez, Seattle; Priscilla Martinez, Bothell; Destin Martini, Centralia; Jamie Martini; Julianne Martinson, Everett; Christopher Mason, Burien; Madeline Masters, Federal Way; Brooke Matson; Jason Matt, Seattle; Natalie Matttson, Olympia; Elizabeth Maupin, Issaquah; Thomas Maurer; Noemie Maxwell Vassilakis, Seattle; Amity May, Seattle; Kelsey May, Tacoma; Corey Mayer, Olympia; Steve Mayer, Auburn; Shareya Mayhak, Vancouver; Catherine Mayhew, Seattle; David Maynard, Seattle; Jennifer Mcanally, Oak harbor; Regan McBride, Lake Forest Park; Shannon McCann, Seattle; Andrea McCarthy, Seattle; Liz McCarty, Seattle; Dakota Mccarty, Tacoma; Dave McCaul, Seattle; Scott McClay, Seattle; Gloria McClintock, Mount Vernon; Mike McCormick; Timothy McCracken, Seattle; Cody Mcdonald, Seattle; Alec and Sandy McDougall, Near Mount Vernon; Allegra McFarland, Port Townsend; Brent McFarlane, Seattle; Brent McFarlane, Seattle; Arianna McGee; Jordan McGee, Spokane; Molly McGee; Erica McGivern, Seattle; Brendan McGovern, Seattle; Doreen McGrath; Doreen McGrath; Mac McGregor, Seattle; William McGunagle, Spokane; Lara McIntosh, Seattle; Peggy McKasy, Seattle; Marci Mckay, Seattle; Matthew McKay, Seattle; TIna McKim, Bellingham; David McLanahan, Seattle; Susan McLauchlin, Auburn; Mary McLeod, Langley; Jimmy McMillan; Brianna McNabb, Ellensburg; Oscar McNary, Seattle; Molly McWilliams; Jessica Means, Puyallup; Sarah Meardon, Seattle; Juan Medina, Bothell; Jonathan Meier, Seattle; MarCia Melad-Burnett, Lacey; Anna Melby, Seattle; Anna Melby, Seattle; Tatiana Menard, Federal way; Sarah Mendez, Lakewood; Natasha Meskew, Eastsound; Samantha Messling, Fife; Kim Messmer; Blair Metcalf, Seattle; Valyn Metropoulos, Aberdeen; Eva Metz, Seattle; Amanda Meyer, Olympia; Carl Meyer, Seattle; Lenore Meyer, Seattle; Robert Meyer, Seattle; Thomas Meyer, Seattle; Tiffany Meyers, Renton; Lucy Middleton, Seattle; Monica Middleton, Olympia; Cheyenne Midkiff, Tacoma; Meshach Milbrath, Mukilteo; Caitlin Miller, Seattle; Catherine Miller, Seattle; Cory Miller, Tumwater; Larissa Miller, Seattle; Marcus Miller, South Seattle; Nancy Miller, Seattle; Natalie Miller, Seattle; Travis Miller, Seattle; Trecia Miller, Packwood; Bruce Millies, Bainbridge Island; Jennifer Milton, Federal Way; Esto Mintz, Seattle; Ben Mitchell, Seattle; Elizabeth Mitchell, Seattle; J Mitchell, Seattle; Megan Mitchell, Federal Way; Bobbie Mitzel; Tina Moeller, Kent; Tia Molina; Amara Monillas, Seattle; Jean Mont-Eton; Shonda Moon, Bonney Lake; Aidan Moore, Poulsbo; Liz Moore, Spokane; Elizabeth Moore Simpson, Seattle; Kathleen Morefield, Seattle; Barbara Morey, Port Townsend; Elizabeth Morris, Seattle; Teddy Morris-Knower, Seattle; Irene Morrison, Tacoma; Jorge Morros; David Moser, Seattle; jon moses; Alexander Mosley, Lakewood; Margot Mott-Smith, Kirkland; rodney Moulton, Seattle; Ed Mueller, Redmond; James Mulcare, Clarkston; Tui Mullein, Seattle; Billee D Mundorff; Lauren Murdock; Meghan Murphy, Renton; Arlene Murphy; Jed Murr, Seattle; Jessi Murray; Gracie Myers, Seattle; Kathleen Myers, Seattle; Emily Naftalin, Seattle; Lisa Nakamura; S. Nam; Kalisto Nanen, SeaTac; Samantha Nannetti, Olympia; Robin Narruhn, Seattle; Kathryn Nash, Olympia; Paul Nathan, Seattle; Andrea Natzke, Tacoma; L Nausner, Seattle; Sue Nearing; michael nei, seattle; Nikita Nelin, Tacoma; Amy Nelson, Seattle; Deborah Nelson; Dray Nelson, Seattle; Forrest Nelson, Spokane; Kenzie Nelson, Olympia; Marek Nelson, Spokane Valley; Ryan Nelson; Catrina Nethercutt, Everett; John Neubauer, Yakima; Will Neville, Spokane; William Neville, Spokane; Rachel Newkirk, Seattle; David Newman, Shoreline; Amanda Newsom, Olympia; Anh Nguyen, Seattle; Mary Nguyen, Renton; Rose Nguyen, Seattle; Andrew Nicholas, Renton; Brandolyn Nichols, Auburn; Kailyn Nicholson, Seattle; Sophia Nickoloff; Fiona Nightingale, Seattle; Susan Noble, Olympia; Alexandra Nolker, Seattle; Elaine Nonneman, Seattle; Claire Noonan, Seattle; John Noonan, Seattle; Morgan Nooney; Stephanie Norman, Seattle; Alyssa North, Oak Harbor; Lesley Novotny, Bellevue; Ethan Nowack, Seattle; haley nowak, Seattle; Christa Nowakowski, Gig Harbor; Mike Nuess, Colville; Anne Nylander, Seattle; David O’Boyle, Seattle; Devon O’Donnell, Seattle; Jerramen O’Donnell; Gwenelle O’ Neal; Kerry O’Connell, Seattle; Sean O’Keefe, Seattle; Rachelle OBannan, Seattle; Leonard Obert, Renton; Anneliz Obras, Kent; Zeny Michael Ocean, Seattle; Irene Oda; John Oda; elizabeth odonoghue, Seattle; Katrina Oliver, Everett; Eliot Olson, Seattle; Jessica Olson; Lewis Olson Jr, Everett; michelle orgill, Seattle; Altan Orhon, Seattle; Irene Osborn, Olympia; Michael Osgood-Graver, Bellevue; Brenden Ostbo, Everett; Whitney Oswald, Issaquah; Dennis Otterstetter, Shelton; Rachael Otto, Seattle; Kahoney Otton, Seattle; Mollie Overby, Seattle; Gladys Overton; David Oviedo, Seattle; Gina Owens, Seatyle; Kristina P.; Seth Pacleb, Seattle; Jessica Pak, Federal way; Jennifer Pang, Seattle; Stephen Paolini, Seattle; Robyn Pape, Olympia; Adrienne Papermaster, Seattle; Alan Papscun; Kathleen Paradis, Vancouver; Dawn Marie Pares; Virginia Parham, Tacoma; Catherine Parker, Seattle; David Parker, Oak Harbror; John Parker, Spokane; Marley Parker, Olympia; Jamelle Parker, Olympia; Russell Parks, Tacoma; Linda Parrish, Tacoma; Adina Parsley, Stanwood; Lyudmila Pashkova, Bellevue; Ryan Paul, Seattle; Ashlyn Pawlak, Seattle; Patricia Payne; Hugh Peach; Tiffany Pearsall, Carson; Gregory Peck, Seattle; kraig Peck; Trevor Peckham, Seattle; Jay Pedersen, Seattle; Marian Peiffer, Newcastle; Lucas Peiser, Seattle; Tristin Pendergrast, Seattle; ricco penna; Heather Penny, Olympia; Sam Pennypacker, Seattle; Alejandra Perez, Kent; Elena Perez, Seattle; Sarah Perez, Everett; Debra Peri, Olympia; Gordon Perrott, Shoreline; Scout Perry; Alex Peterson, Edmonds; Cheryl Peterson, Lake Forest Park; Deborah Peterson, Federal Way; Jennifer Peterson, Seattle; R. D. Peterson; Shelly Peterson, Federal Wsy; Bárbara Petzoldt, Federal Way; Lauren Peugh; Justin Philipps; Noah Phillips, Tumwater; Barbara Phinney, Seattle; Tae Phoenix; Roxie Piatigorski; Reita Piecuch, Seattle; Jesse Piedfort, Seattle; Janet Pielke; Judy Pigott, Seattle; Ina pillar; Susan Pingree, Auburn; Ramona Pitre-Collins, Seattle; Will Pittz, Seattle; John Pizzo, Port Ludlow; james ploger, Seattle; Tabitha Plotke, Kent; Kimberly Pocock, Lynnwood; Torrey Podmajersky, Seattle; Anthea Podolski; Larissa Podzaline, Olympia; Daline e Pol, Vancouver; Joan M Poland, Olympia; Teresa Polendo, Everett; Sylvia Pollack, Seattle; Teodora Popescu, Lynnwood; Heather Porter; Heath Post; Jennifer Post, Olympia; Justine Potter, Seattle; Betty Powell; Barbara Powers, Mountlake Terrace; Trisha Powers, Richland; Terry Preston, Olympia; Clayton Price; Larry Price, Seattle; Pamela Pride, olympia; Pamela Pride, Olympia; Calvin Priest; Linda Prussack, Spokane; Elizabeth Puckett, Tukwilla; Krystal Pugh, Shelton; Ian Pumo, Seattle; Melissa Purcell, Seattle; Christian Purnell; Alison Quinn, Seattle; Miranda Quintanilla, Bellingham; Andrew R; p r, Sequim; Vanessa Rabito, Olympia; Cynthia Rae, Olympia; Atiqur Rahman; Sonia Rahman; Fouad Raja, Seattle; Anisa Ralls, Shoreline; Alycia Ramirez, Kirkland; Alycia Ramirez, Kirkland; Adriana Ramos; Patricia Ramos, Tacoma; Suzette Rangel, Seattle; Erica Ransford; Erin Rants; Erin Rants, Seattle; Allison Rau, Puyallup; Kim Raymoure; Ryan Raynor, Spokane; Marion Reader, Seattle; Molly Reagan; LeeAnne Reber, Spokane; Rudy Reber; Susan Reber, Vancouver; Aeryn Reed, Seattle; Emily Reed, Seattle; Sean Reeser, Seattle; Jordan rehm, seattle; Erica Reich, Seattle; Nathaniel Reich, Sammamish; Logan Reichert, Seattle; Courtney Reid, Mill Creek; Linda Reilly, Olympia; Alisha Reinbolt, Spokane Valley; Alisha Reinbolt, Spokane Valley; Mathias Reitzug, Bellingham; Jennie Renn, Seattle; Madeline Renslow, Tacoma; Mark Renton, Ellensburg; Carrie Rexroat, West Seattle; Shannon Rexroat, Edmonds; Nathan Reyla, Tacoma; Chanel Rhymes, University Place; Rodney Rhymes; Andalin Richards, Graham; Chuck Richards, Seattle; Derek Richards, Seattle; Clayton Richardson; Alice Richmond, Spokane; Carl Douglas Riddels, Olympia; Jodi Rieman, Kenmore; Bobby Righi, Seattle; Rogelio Rigor, Seattle; Sabrina Riley, Olympia; Pamela Ring, Olympia; Janet Riordan, Seattle; Sam Rise, Federal Way; Cindy Rivard, Tacoma; Isaac Rivera, Seattle; Kirstine Rivera, Tacoma; Karla Rixon, Tacoma; Carol Roach, Seattle; Shelly Robbins, Olympia; Robyn Robinson, Belfair; Casey Robison, Seattle; David Robison; Nathan Rodke; Madesyn Rodrigues, Lakewood; Shannon Rogers, Issaquah; Tami Rogers, Sammamish; Deborah Rohan, Seattle; charles rohrmann, seattle; Lindsay Roiz, Shoreline; Justine Rojas, Auburn; Justine Rojas, Auburn; Martin Rollins; Renata Rollins, Olympia; Rozi Romanesco, Seattle; Rick Romito, Bellingham; Breea Rosas, Tacoma; Cindy Rose, Seattle; Cynthia Rose, Seattle; Em Rose, Seattle; Jennifer Rosewood, Kingston; Florie Rothenberg, Seattle; Cinda Rousseau, Federal Way; Kate Rubin, Seattle; Louise Ruch; Elena Rumiantseva, Seattle; Leahmarii Rush, Tacoma; Amarie Russell, Yakima; December Russo; Dan Ryan, Olympia; Jessica Ryan, Olympia; Megan Ryan, Bellevue; Nicole Ryan, Kennewick; Devin Rydel Kelly, Tacoma; John S, Seattle; terry s; Tamara Saarinen, Gig Harbor; Gary Saben, Olympia; karissa sakumoto, tacoma; Jason Saldana, Tacoma; Randy Saldinger, Seattle; Wesley Sales, Seattle; JD Salling, Wenatchee; Michelle Salling, Wenatchee; Constance Sanchez, Friday Harbor; Brenda Sanders; Krista Sanders, Moxee; Teofila SanJose, Seattle; Zoe Sansted, Seattle; Marilyn Santos, Vancouver; Jovino Santos Neto, Seattle; Beverly Saunders; Britton Saunders; David Saunders, Seattle; Jeanne Saville, Olympia; Kshama Sawant, Seattle; Ruth Sawyer, Seattle; Jessica Scalzo, Seattle; Jessica Scalzo, Seattle; Giovanne Schachere, Everett; Carrie Schaden, Seattle; Carrie Schaden, Seattle; Ruth Schaefer, Seattle; Ruth Schaefer, Seattle; Deborah Schantz; Paige Schaper, Seattle; Ian Schempp, Shoreline; Bridget Schiff, Seattle; Audrey Schissell, Olympia; Jessica Schmidt; Steve Schneider, Spokane; Hinda Schnurman, Shoreline; Randy Schoelkopf; King Schoenfeld, Tacoma; Jessica Schreindl, Seattle; Nancy Schroder, Poulsbo; Siri Schroder, Seattle; Cyprienne Schroeppel, Anderson Island; Hannah Schul, Seattle; Nicole Schultz; Arlo Schultz, Seattle; Arthur Schurr; B. Yuki Schwartz, Bremerton; cara schwartz; Emily Schwartz, Seattle; Jean Schwinberg, Seattle; Ben Schwyn, Seattle; Eugenie Scimonelli; Amy Scott, Covington; Cathrine Scott, Seattle; Pamela Scott; Rachel Scott; Theresa Scott, Des Moines; Joshua Scott, Shoreline; Andrea Scott-Murray, Bellevue; Eliana Scott-Thoennes, Seattle; Samantha Scown, Des Moines; Marissa Scribner, Seattle; Lori Scruggs, Des Moines; Shannon Scruggs, Des Moines; Lauren Sealey, Tacoma; Elizabeth Seaman, Walla Walla; Allegra Searle-LeBel, Seattle; Eric Seifert, Seattle; Lucille Serody; Meera Sethi, Seattle; Jessica Severance, Seattle; Tommy Sewell, Bothell; Ann Sextro, Port Angeles; Jennifer Shafer, Olympia; Jennifer Shaw, Lacey; Aaron Shay, Seattle; Darren Sheehan, Granite Falls; Elizabeth Sheinkopf, Bellingham; Gabriel Shelton-Jenck; Camille Sheppard, Seattle; Kellie Sherman, Edmonds; Vivian Shields, Burien; Samuel Shin, Auburn; April Shine, Tacoma; Lynn Shoemaker; Michael Shook, Federal Way; Judt Shrode, Tacoma; Carl Shutoff, Seattle; Melissa Shutsy, Seattle; Loren Sickles, Vancouver; Andy Sierra, Spokane Valley; Sandra Silberstein, Seattle; Jonathan Silliman, Seattle; Jennifer Silva, Olympia; Devin Silvernail, Seattle; Randy Simon, Seattle; Amara Simone, Olympia; Ben Simpson; Brian Simpson, Seattle; Brian Simpson, Seattle; Amy Sistrunk, DuPont; Lukas Sjoquist, Redmond; Michelle Skalland, Seattle; Brian Skiffington, Tacoma; Mary Skomerza, Seattle; Jacki Slotnik, Vancouver; Crystal Smith; Jacob Smith, Seattle; Jamie Smith, Olympia; Leonard Smith, Seattle; Lisa Smith, Poulsbo; Matthew Smith, Seattle; Reid Smith; Shannon Smith, Shoreline; Susanna Smith, Seattle; Susanna Smith, Seattle; Seth Snapp, Bellingham; Ron and Margaret Snell, Kirkland; Sandra Sobanski; Bianca Solis, Olympia; Kayleigh Somers, Seattle; Amanda Sorell, Seattle; Lisa Sotelo, Seattle; Stephanie Sparks, Kent; David Spataro, Seattle; vana spear; Rachel Spence, Seattle; Lourdes Sprandel healy, Seattle; Katherine Spring, Seattle; Yana Sromova, Seattle; Michelle St. Clair; Derek Stanford, Bothell; Jack Stansfield, Stanwood; Lauren Stark, Seattle; David Starke; Mallorie Starkenburg; Kiley Stasch, Seattle; Diane Ste. Marie, Seattle; Emily Steadman, Lake city; Tyanna Steele, Kent; Lori Stefano, Yelm; Jacob Steijn, Sequim; A.L. Steiner; Crystal Stellwagen; Keri Stenerson, Seattle; cathryn stenson, Seattle; Denise Sterchi, Seattle; Denise Sterchi, Seattle; Naomi Stern, Quilcene; David Stetler, Kirkland; Janet Stevenson, Port Townsend; Cynthia Stewart, Olympia; Sarah Stewart, Seattle; Elaine Stickles, Seattle; Frank Stieber, Shoreline; Stephen Stiefel, Issaquah; Stephen Stiefel, Issaquah; Summer Stinson; Tracy Stober, Seattle; Rich Stolz, Seattle; Dorothy Stone, Friday Harbor; Christie Stordahl, Olympia; Anna-Claire Stordahl-Whitney, Olympia; Linda Story, Mercer Island; Jessica Stovall, Tacoma; Karen Strickland, Seattle; Brenna Stroup, Seattle; Brenna Stroup, Seattle; Christoph Strouse, Seattle; Kristina Struckman, Spokane; Janice Studyvin, Seattle; Laura Lee Sturm, Seattle; Talawna Sukovaty, Des Moines; terry Sullivan, Vashon; Luke Sumner, Seattle; Kevin Sun; Charles Susat, Shoreline; Breanna Sutherland, Tacoma; Michelle Sutter, Puyallup; Mindy Suurs, Kirkland; Serena Swanson, Seattle; Chellis Swenson, Tacoma; Mattilda Sycamore, Seattle; Wendy Szabo, Seattle; Nick Szumlas; Richard T, Bellingham; C J Tait, Burien; Chelsea Talbert, Tacoma; Wendy Tanowitz, Olympia; Emily Tant, Tacoma; Yuan Tao, Seattle; Yuri Tarnawiecki; Shajuanda Tate, Tacoma; Sharon Taubel, Olympia; Arline Taylor; Kaitlynn Taylor, Mill Creek; Karen Taylor; Karen Taylor, Seattle; Mason Taylor, Seattle; Sara Taylor, Mukilteo; Deborah Tesch, Auburn; Tivien Theollyn, Olympia; Jason Thoennes, Seattle; Clare Thomas, Seattle; Kimmy Thomas; Tom Thomas, Clarkston; Amber Thompson, Federal Way; Don Thompson; Robyn Thompson, Seattle; Marissa Thompson, Auburn; Isabelle Thornton; Renee Thornton, Sammamish; Margaret Thorson, Waldron; Glenn Thureson, Seattle; Tina Tierson, Vancouver; Mary Ann Till; David Tingley, Seattle; James To, Seattle; Jean Tobin, Walla Walla; Rosa Tobin; Jonathan Tomhave, Seattle; Rochelle Tomisser, Spokane; Marianne Tompkins, Lacey; Paulina Tooker, Renton; Maggie Torrance, Seattle; Yuliana Torres; Christine Torres-clara, Seattle; Linda Tosti-Lane, Brier; Linda Tosti-Lane, Seattle; Amy Tower, Seattle; Amy Tower, Seattle; Johnny Townsend, Seattle; Lauren Tozzi; lLauren Tozzi, Seattle; Tallman Trask, Seattle; Nancy Trautman, Spokane; Alexandria Trepanier, Federal Way; Ryan Trepanier, Federal Way; Julia Trimarco, Seattle; Cailin Trimble, Seattle; Larry Trop, Gig Harbor; Michelle Trosper, Battle Ground; David Trujillo, Seattle; Elizabeth Tuck; Carol Tufford, Olympia; Emily Tuggle; Anneliese Tunison; Evia Tuohey, Olympia; Pieter Turley, Lake Forest Park; Sara Ullmer, Burien; Michael Underhill, Seattle; Jan Underwood; Chad Upshaw, Tumwater; Josie Urbick, Lynnwood; Victoria Urias, Seattle; Victoria Urias, Seattle; Monica Uy; Lonness Valenna, Seattle; Therese Van Damme, Federal Way; Jennifer Van Dijk, Seattle; Janet Van Fleet, Seattle; Wendy Van Skyhawk, Tacoma; Julie Van Stralen; Terese VanAssche, Bow; Leah Vance, Burien; Stefani Vandeest, Spokane; Marla Vandewater, Seattle; Lucas Vargas Zeppetello; Elijah Vaughan; Xanna Vegsundvaag, Seattle; Kristin Velez, Bellevue; Eris Vera Machado, Seattle; Phillip Viens, Seattle; Sandra Vieth; Emelita Villar, Tenino; Christopher Villard, Kirkland has; Tina Vivio, Seattle; Rose Mary Volbrecht, Spokane; Laura Vonessen, Seattle; Gus Voss, Seattle; Deborah Voves; Emily Vyhnanek, Seattle; Brendin W, tumwater; Anjuli Wagner, Seattle; KIRSTIN WAGNER, Seattle; Isaac Wagnitz, Olympia; Alena Waite, Lynnwood; Rainer Waldman Adkins, Seattle; August Waldron; Liisa Wale, Bellingham; Claudine Wallace, Seattle; Jessica Wallach; Hadley Wan, Seattle; Jason Wang, Tacoma; Lindsay Warchol, Seattle; Michelle Ward, Tacoma; Renee Ward, Tacoma; valentina warner, seattle; Linda Wasserman, Tacoma; Joanne Watchie, Seattle; Benjamin Watkins, Seattle; Beth Watson, Federal Way; Harold Watson; Martin Watts; Lauren Waxwing, Olympia; Dana Weatherly, Lacey; Jasmin Weaver; Karin Weberg, Milton; Tanya Webking, Tacoma; Susanne Weil, Onalaska; Anna Weinberg, Tacoma; David Weinstein; Jesse Weinstein, Seattle; Zoe Weintraub, Seattle; Marjorie Weiss, Seattle; Adrienne Weller, Seattle; Shannon Welles, Seattle; jeff welsh, Issaquah; Gordon Werner, Seattle; Misha Werschkul; Richard Wesley, Seattle; Michael Westgaard, Renton; Jessica Westgren, Seattle; Jack Westmoreland; Candi Wheeler, Everett; Catherine White; Christina White, Olympia; Robby White, Seattle; Virginia White, Port Townsend; William Whitehouse, Greenbank; Reade Whitwell, Seattle; Den Mark Wichar, Vancouver; Jason Wick, Seattle; Tyler Wilch, Seattle; Heather Wilcox, Seattle; Marika Wilkerson, Vancouver; Steve Wilkins-Reeves, Seattle; Sara Wilkinson, Seattle; Anne Marie Williams, Seattle; Florence Williams, Seattle; Heidi Williams; Heidi Williams; Heidi Williams; John Williams, Kirkland; Kimberly Williams; Cheryl Williamson, Tacoma; Debra Williamson, Tacoma; Michael Wilmarth, Seattle; Joaquin Wilmot, Vancouver; Andreanna Wilson, Seattle; Cory Wilson, Seattle; Doris (Jody) Wilson, Kirkland; Jaimee Wilson, Tacoma; Diana Wilson, Bothell; Amanda Winegarner, Olympia; betty winholtz; Jennifer Winkler; Trista Winnie Fraser, Lynnwood; Jessica Winters, Federal Way; Mark Wirth, Seattle; Shane Woerner, Seattle; Carl Woestwin, Seattle; Amy Woidtke, Seattle; Lauren Wolfe, Seattle; Pat Wolff, Bainbridge Island; p wolfram, Seattle; Caitlin Wood, Seattle; Greg Wood, Seattle; Grace Woodard; Mindy Woods, Edmonds; Frederick Woodward-Pratt, Olympia; Riley Woodward-Pratt; Brooke Woolfson, Seattle; Daniel Worthington, Seattle; charles wright; Jessica Wright, Burlington; Jim Wright, Bonney Lake; Zoe Wright, Shelton; Jennifer Wyatt, Seattle; David Yao, Seattle; Eric Yarnell; Belinda Ybarra, Spokane; Megan Yeager, Olympia; Yonit Yogev, Olympia; Yakov Yosef, Tacoma; Annia Yoshizumi; Christine Young, Federal Way; Loewyn Young, Olympia; Melinda Young-Flynn, Seattle; Ayan Yousuf, Seattle; Dee Ann Yuskoff, Ellensburg; Mary Zack; Amanda Zavala, Olympia; Danna Zelenka, Bellingham; Caroline Zhang, Seattle; Rebekah Zharinova, Seattle; russ ziegler; john zielinski, spokane; Ed Zipeto; Ames Zocchi, Seattle; Kathleen Zoll



Working Washington

Working Washington unites low-wage workers to fight for a fair economy where everyone can support themselves, afford the basics, & contribute to the economy.