Are Free People Search Websites a Myth. See The Real Thing!

Cab Bearberry
3 min readOct 30, 2018


So are there real %100 free people search websites out there. The straightforward answer to that questions is not really. But if you are prepared to do a little exploration online you will find ways to find people using a few websites totally free. In this guide I’m going to discuss both the paid as well as the free people finder websites.

Paid & free people finder websites guide.

To get started let’s consider the paid option first. This is going to be the most suitable choice for those of us who need this done quickly. If you don’t have lots of time on your hands and you desire a more thorough analysis with records that aren’t available to just anyone. Try a specialized people search websites. What these people information gathering websites do is they aggregate free public record information, a great deal of paid data like cellphone directories, social websites record, paid government and non-public data into a singular easy to use system. You can try an instant scan of any individual at to get a basic analysis almost instantly without cost to see what information is available (after looking at basic information a complete report is fee-based).

People search websites.

Now lets get started on the free people search websites. Your best bet is going to be Google. The simple truth is they are the king of data harvesting and accumulating information people leave behind online referred to as a digital footprint. For the greatest use out of Google you simply need to know how to utilize google search operators.

“ Search operators stem from the early days of search engines and at that time were essential in order to obtain meaningful results. Today, they are mostly replaced by automatic detection, especially in the case of Google. Nevertheless, some search operators still provide practical assistance for users to achieve better and more accurate results. They are used mostly in a search query.”

I am going to go over several examples listed below to provide you with an idea of what is possible.

Let’s try using google to search for people.

To begin we are simply going to place the name in quotes.
“Jim Kelly”

Now let’s add a location should you have one.
“Jim Kelly” + “New York”

You are able to scale this by adding something else that’s pertinent that helps narrow the research.
Jim Kelly” + “New York” + “School”
Jim Kelly” + “New York” + “Significant other
Jim Kelly” + “New York” + “Place of work”

Another big pool of person information can be found on social media websites. Because facebook is so popular lets use it to find someone. The search operators we’re going to use for facebook is what this does is fine-tune the search to exhibit results for exclusively (you can try this with Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, among others). Wrap quotes around each set of keywords and a + right after (look at examples listed below and try with and without quotes).

Let us add the individuals first and last name. + “Jim Kelly” + “Jim Kelly” + “Jim Kelly”

Now let’s add a location in case you have one to improve the research even more. + “Jim Kelly” “New York” + “Jim Kelly” “New York” + “Jim Kelly” “New York”

Now, let us include a school or other things that might make the search even more relevant like a work place / college or university. + “Jim Kelly” “New York” “school” + “Jim Kelly” “New York” “company”