Failure is OK?!?!

What is success to you?

We all know the ideal vision of success, the ‘American Dream”

Embedded since childhood we grow up with this notion that becomes our “social norm”

You know, the typical white picket fence, the nice car, the trophy wife, married, two kids, all that stuff.

Think about this.

When you first meet someone, what is the first thing you ask?

Usually, it’s somewhere along the lines of “what do you do?”

This is the start to how we begin to judge and define people.

Men are expected to live up to the “provider” role.

Defining themselves off the amount of money they make, car they drive and property they own.

If these ideals of success are not met one feels inadequate.

Women are expected to have a goal revolving only around getting married and having children.

If these ideals of success are not met one feels unfulfilled.

We set so many expectations upon ourselves that we forget are sole expectation should be to live HAPPY.

These pressures make it easy to let our PRIDE and EGO get the best of us.

People fear how they look to others. People actually care what others think.

We SHOULD ask questions such as;

What do you aspire to do?

What are you goals and desires?

What do you love?

Answer these questions for yourself.

Take action now that is going to propel you forward towards your happiness.

There is a missing piece when speaking about “success”.

The missing link is self-actualization. “The realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potential” This is not to be confused and measured by the pressures of society. It is your own needs and desires within yourself.

Our culture molds us to believe there is a one track mind as to what success is….THERE ISN’T.

We need to ask ourselves in the midst of all of this, are we truly happy?

This is why.

These social norms cause




Depression, and in some cases loss.

It has caused us to focus on a destination rather than enjoying every step of the process, forgetting to be happy along the way.

This is because we have created a culture that has such a crazy fear of failure.

So much so, that we were never taught how to deal with failure.

The most successful people know how to deal with failure, because they know failure is not the end.

Something we never hear. Everyone FAILS. NO ONE IS PERFECT.

So why do we set this standard with such a burning desire to BE PERFECT.

It’s an unrealistic expectation.

Failure is not the end. It is a re start to be great.

We have to accept and deal with the fact that failure is ok.

It’s how we deal with failure and re build that matters.

Successful people are those who take action and aren’t afraid to fail.

At the end of the day our pride and ego is the problem, and it’s because society is telling us what success should be.

So please, really think about what success means to you.

Whatever that looks like, be selfish in remembering that you should always strive to BE HAPPY first.

Don’t let these pressures tell you where you SHOULD be or WHO you should be.

Create your own idea of success.