Tips to make your day more productive and active

Everyone wants to be fit but the main challenge that most people find is the lack of time. Ideally there should be one hour of workout which is deemed fit in a24 hour schedule. According to many experts and trained professionals, making the best use of the available time is no doubt the key to living better throughout the day. No wonder, it is easier said than done and when one is crunched for time, it is more likely to maintain healthy living habits for a long time period. Here are some pro tips for keeping body and mind up to snuff when you are utterly tired.

· Get out the leash and walk your dog.

It’s a great activity for both man and man’s best friend. Your heart — and your pooch — will thank you!

· Take your child for a brisk walk.

It’s an excellent way to get some one-on-one time (or one-on-three, depending on the size of your brood.) Spice up your routine by exploring new neighbourhoods or turning your walk into a scavenger hunt.

· Mall walk.

Are you sweating (or shivering) at the idea of walking outside? Take a brisk stroll around your local mall instead. Window shop, people watch and give your heart a workout in a climate-controlled environment.

· Join a team.

Pick an activity you love and round up some friends. Team sports can be fun — and keep you motivated and accountable.

· Walk and talk.

Even if you’re glued to your phone for work calls, you don’t have to be glued to your seat. Make it a habit to talk and walk. Some workplaces have walking paths to make it even easier to burn while you earn.

· Tune into fitness during TV time.

Reject your inner couch potato. Walk, jog in place or use the treadmill at the gym while you watch your favourite 30-minute show.

· Park and walk.

How many times have you circled the parking lot to find “the” spot? Spare yourself the stress and gain more energy by parking far away (or even in a remote lot) and walking farther to your destination.

· Take the stairs.

The elevator may go up — but it doesn’t make your heart rate climb. Take the stairs instead. You may huff and puff at first, but over time, your body will thank you.

  • Engage Your Mind During Downtime

Experts believe that if you wish to stay on top of the game, it is very important to keep learning, and this is no doubt an extra-efficient way to deal with it. For more brain-strengthening tips, it is better to indulge in exercises which sharpen the brain and covers everything from mental challenges to maintaining an active reading schedule.

  • Limit Your Emails

It is not quite often that we start something only to be derailed by an incoming email. This is the reason that it is always advised to set some specific times to check the messages. Apart from everything else, the prime goal should be of focusing on hitting a more modest goal at the initial stage. This way one can become much faster in work and concentrate appropriately.

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