How Important is Employee Time Tracking Software for Project Management?

Nov 4 · 4 min read

There are several factors that are necessary for successful project management: defining the scope and deadlines, delegating tasks, tracking the progress and making adjustments, as well as analyzing the results.

employee time tracking software
employee time tracking software

Good communication and team organization are the prerequisites for getting anything done right, but there are also some tools that can make managing projects a bit easier and more organized. The first thing that comes to mind is probably project management software, but there’s actually one more tool that can help you in all the project management segments mentioned at the beginning — employee time tracking software.

Defining the Scope and Deadlines

Actually, not even the best time tracking software can help you with project planning until you’ve gone through some similar projects and tasks before and have some historical data to work with. As this process of collecting data and then using the findings to manage new projects is pretty circular, we’ll talk more on this topic in the last section on project analysis. For now, let’s assume you’ve already used employee time tracking software and have some insights into your team’s performance.

So, first things first, define the final goal of the project — what do you want to accomplish and what should the output look like? Every project is slightly different in this respect, but having a goal will help you define the scope. This is where an app to log time could come in handy. When you see it detects an activity that takes up a lot of time but is outside the scope of the project, you can work on getting your team back on track before it’s too late.

And finally, this tool can help you set realistic deadlines based on your team’s past performance and therefore both manage your client’s expectations better and alleviate the unnecessary stress among your employees.

Delegating Tasks

Now, you probably know who on your team is supposed to do which tasks and what their strengths and weaknesses are, but employee time tracking software can also tell you who’s most efficient in certain tasks and who works the best in particular apps or platforms.

This is especially useful if you get additional urgent side tasks or quick fixes. And apart from knowing who would be the most efficient at taking care of it, timecheck software will also show you who’s available at any given moment thanks to its real-time overview functionality.

Tracking the Progress and Making Adjustments

Setting the project milestones is good practice for many reasons — it maps out the entire project, makes the ultimate deadline more manageable, it’s good for employee motivation, and it also makes progress easier to monitor using employee time tracking software.

Measuring how much time each step in the project takes will give you a clear idea of how your team is doing and whether everything is going according to plan. If you also take the time to set the timeline for each milestone, it makes things even easier to track.

This way, when your time monitoring software indicates that your team is falling behind and might not manage to finish certain tasks on time, you can adjust your strategy to make up for the lost time later on in the project or maybe ignore some less important tasks until you get back on track.

Analyzing the Results

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, project management is a circular process, so the final project analysis is just as important for success as the initial planning and scoping.

A huge part of analyzing the project will be just going over what you’ve accomplished with your team and discussing what aspects of the project you did well and what are some of the things you could improve in the future.

But employee time tracking software data that you’ve collected can also be a huge help in this reflection process. It will give you a nice overview of the whole thing and add the time perspective to the analysis. You’ll be able to know which processes were most time-consuming, whether the delegation of work was optimal, whether you’ve managed to do everything within the set deadlines, where you could have saved more time, etc. All of these insights from time reporting software are crucial for planning and managing the next similar project.


Success at project management is one of the most important skills you’ll have to gain. And there are so many aspects of it that play equally important roles. That’s why you should accept every little bit of help you can get and, as we have seen, a tool such as an employee time tracking software can help you in a lot of significant ways.

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