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Sales Enablement for Marketing

If you think Sales Enablement (SE) is just for Sales Management, think again. As a Marketer, you are tasked with generating leads for your sales team. But what happens to those leads you’ve worked so hard to mine? If they aren’t transitioning into revenue producing customers, then your marketing time and budget is all for not. That’s where a Sales Enablement strategy comes in, and why Marketing should be the champion and owner of such an initiative.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is the process, content and technology to equip a sales rep with the information and means to quickly and effectively sell to specific stakeholders at each and every stage of the buying cycle. Sales Enablement puts the emphasis on the buyer and helps take the guesswork out of dynamic selling situations by arming your sales team with the right support tools at the right time. …


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Sales Enablement

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