June 27th will definitely always be a memorable one in the minds of those at, as this day in 2018, the company emerged the overall winner of the Seyi Tinubu Empowerment Project (STEP), Lagos Edition, organized by the Noella Foundation. We sat with Dayo Olujekun, a long time member of Workstation, to learn more about his business and success so far.

Tell us about yourself, Dayo.

My name is Dayo Olujekun and I’m the CEO, Product Manager and Co-Founder of StaffBus. In my 15 year career span, I have worked in marketing…

Welcome to Workstation! If you’ve made it this far, we probably don’t need to explain why Workstation is a kickass place to balance hard work and fun. We’ve all been there before: stuck at home in your PJ’s with a bowl of ice cream with a blank Word document open on one hand, and aimlessly browsing Instagram on the other hand? Oh even better, stuck in your dreary corporate office after 5 PM, trying to find every ounce of motivation besides happy hour?

What if we told you your happy hour can include a vibrant space, forward-thinking hustlers of all…


The cool new way to work.

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