It’s Never Too Late to Learn a Foreign Language

Recently, I’ve read the book by Richard Roberts & Roger Kreuz called “Becoming Fluent: How Cognitive Science Can Help Adults Learn a Foreign Language”. A common thread running through this work is — LANGUAGE LEARNING KNOWS NO AGE. Here are some thoughts form the book to prove it.

With time, your toolkit for language learning becomes more and more well stocked to reach the level of language acquisition you want.

But you have to get rid of misconceptions that pull you back. And… Here they are

Adults can’t be as good at language learning as kids

However, if you wish to get rid of accent and speak fluently, sign up for the online intensive course Learn to Speak English Like an American.

Adults should learn foreign languages the same way as kids do

Don’t use your mother tongue while learning a foreign language

Unfortunately, these myths may prevent even the most motivated adult from taking up the practice of learning a foreign language. To get rid of these misconceptions, take a look at the following research results in cognitive science

Does it really take 21 days to build a new habit?

Or buy our online book Everything You Need to Know about Tenses and practice daily.

Is it useless to resume language learning after a long break?

Sometimes, you learn a foreign language for a certain period of time and then have a long break due to personal matters. Lots of people think there’s no point in resuming studies, because everything learned in the past is completely forgotten. No, it’s not. Without a hint of doubt, take up your language classes again. Remember: it’s much easier to learn something repetitively than from scratch. So, you’ve got the competitive edge!

Now, let’s discuss what helps adult language learners succeed without looking back on your childhood and negative language acquisition experience.

Language aspects

Memory issues

Deep thoughts

Positive thinking


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