19 New Trades and Counting

By: Kevin Jochelson, Head of Operations

At Workyard, we’re really proud to say that we talk to our customers every day.

And we don’t just talk to them, we listen, and we learn.

Since launching the ability to post jobs to quickly get matched with available subcontractors, we’ve grown and changed the product A LOT and we love hearing Workyarders’ feedback that they love what we’re doing and what more we can do to make their lives easier and the construction industry better.

So to add to a list of awesome upcoming features and improvements, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added 19 new trades to Workyard.

Some of the awesome new trades we’ve added to Workyard

What this means is there are now:

  • 19 more different skills a subcontractor can tag themselves with, as something they offer, and
  • 19 more different types of subcontractors that you can hire to help you with your construction projects.

We realised trades like arborists, construction cleaners, excavators, and steel fixers (and many, many more trades!) were unable to win work through Workyard, so now you can!

And not only can you win work in these categories but hire these trades as well.

The new trades are:

So if you’re looking to win work in any of these new services, or hire subcontractors in one of these trades, I’ve detailed how you can do this below.

Want to hire one of our 19 new trades? Here’s how..

As always, posting a job on Workyard is easier than sending a text message. You can post a job and get matched with incredible available subcontractors in minutes.

So if you’re looking to hire a subcontractor it’s as easy as going to the JOBS section, selecting one of the new trade professions and then selecting what the job involves and following the prompts:

1. Select “Post a new job” 2. Select a Profession
3. Select what the job involves

Once you’re done posting your job, as always, you can sit back and relax while Workyard does its magic and matches you with some incredible available subcontractors who are interested in winning your work.

It couldn’t get easier than this!

Want to win work from one of our 19 new trades? Here’s how..

If you want to win work from Workyard from one of the new trades, or signal to the Workyard community that you’re qualified in one of these trades, you need to update your profile.

Luckily, updating your profile is as easy as going to the Settings menu, clicking on Services, selecting the services you’re qualified to do and want to receive job opportunities for, and then clicking Done.

1. Open up your Workyard app -> profile -> settings 2. Select the new services you are qualified for 3. Select “Done”

Now that you’ve uploaded your profile, before you know it you’ll be receiving jobs and winning more work with Workyard!

So, what’s next for Workyard?

From just seventeen trades to now thirty-six, Workyard is continuing to open up new opportunities for the construction community.

With these new trades added our goal is to someday have every trade available.

With feedback from the Workyard community we realised that this was something we needed to do to make your experience better and we can’t wait to see the new projects you’re able to take on as a result of this small change.

We’ve also got some great new features and releases coming up in the future. As always these changes are going to be BIG as we work towards creating one of the best tools in the construction industry, so stay tuned!

As always, we love talking to future, new and existing Workyarders, so if you have any feedback, want another trade added, or want us to help you find an awesome subcontractor, don’t hesitate to let us know below in the comments and we’ll get in touch.

Happy Workyarding!

If you are interested in being part of Workyard or want more information check out our website https://workyard.com.