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World 125
Nov 9 · 3 min read
how to hack last shelter survival
how to hack last shelter survival
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The world is full of living corpses-it’s not something an ordinary person wants to experience and yet happened. The earth has been attacked by hordes of zombies. The only salvation is to build your own Empire, which will safely survive the hard times. Technology, the army and the thought-out strategy will allow to avoid destruction not only from dead, but also live who encroaches on your rash step.

Mobile game from the Studio IM30 Last Shelter Survival Hack is a strategy game set in a world awash with zombies. In the gameplay, we don’t control a specific hero, we just take care of our base, expand it and collect raw materials that will not only allow us to build new buildings, but also to improve our army and develop new research that enhances our individual parameters. Was it a good idea to create a free strategy in this climate? Most likely, Yes.

Phones games are divided into those that require us to dedication 100% attention on one game and those that we go back to again for a while because of the game imposed waiting time on individual things. Last Shelter Survival belong to those others, just like the vast majority of strategy games on mobile devices.

Looks interesting design. All buildings are different from each other and show what they will serve for. Colors tend to fluctuate around such that are associated with the desert and the General post-APO atmosphere. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to see the battle with zombies and encounters related animations because it is fully automatic and our military during the attack just invades the icon of the zombie (or other player) and just shows the time it takes to complete this operation.

Building buildings, improving them, recruiting new soldiers and developing research takes us more time with each level, which, on the one hand, is good on the other not. Everything, of course, depends on the player and his needs, on the use of the phone and the games installed on it. Some prefer to devote some time to a specific gameplay (for example, by communicating with work / school) so that they can later close the app and forget about it. And others prefer multiple returns to this game, collecting raw materials in it, we are upgrading what they can afford now, as well as perform some other actions. It’s all a matter of taste.

IM30 How to Hack Last Shelter Survival is almost no different from similar games of this type. We have separate missions that involve collecting a certain amount of a given raw material, upgrading or building a specific building, and a few other things. The only distinctive thing is the ability to travel around the world map, and fight on it, with zombies, other players or transfer their teams to a neighboring Studio of this raw material (so we can get more of it).

Unfortunately, as is the case in this kind of games, all the shuffle missions, too long wait for further updates and increasingly, the pressure to spend real money prevented to stay at the title for a long time. At some point, we just do the same thing, waiting an incredibly long time for more features or new missions, which at least discourages me a lot.

In General, the game gives us the opportunity to have a cool time, but the further we are with the level of our city, the game is more annoying. This is another of the many titles that does not require anything new from the player and does not introduce too much innovation in the mobile games market in the strategy genre.Now you can Hack Last Shelter.

My rating: 6/10

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