Official World Chess Widgets Are Available to all Websites

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May 6 · 3 min read

With official widgets, transmitting chess events on your site is as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

Any webmaster can embed chess events and transmit their own via the World Chess Widget — it’s now as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

The widgets will be available for all events that are broadcast by World Chess, the official FIDE broadcaster. The widget tool has been developed in line with the FIDE/World Chess broadcasting policy and aimed at making chess events more accessible and widely-distributed. Because widgets are official and are included in the aggregate viewership statistics, FIDE and chess organizers are able to offer sponsors and partners aggregate data on viewership, an important indicator.

How to embed an event into your website?

  1. On, find the event you want to show on your website. You can also choose to broadcast your own event on the platform. For this, simply create a Free Account and apply for the ‘broadcaster’ badge (more on this below).
  2. Find the ‘share’ button’ on the event’s page. In desktop version, it’s located to the left of the board, and on mobile, it’s a familiar ‘share’ icon.

3. Click the “Share” button and in the pop-up window, you will need to choose the size of the window, color scheme of the background (light or dark) and wether to embed the specific round or the whole tournament.

4. Then simply copy the automatically-generated HTML code and paste it into your website as you would do with the YouTube video. The event will appear on your site instantly.

You can always change the size and the color scheme: simply generate another code on the World Chess website and paste it on your site.

The widget also allows you to include the official video when it’s available. Simply check the ‘include video’ option and it will appear below the board if the video is available for sharing.

Can I make my own video commentary by using the widget?

Yes. If you use the widget, you are welcome to make your own video commentary. We might even provide you with the video highlights from the event, if they are available, to make your stream more interesting. We especially encourage streamers in foreign languages, as English-language commentary is usually available from the official source, but streams in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and so on are still rare. But it’s your choice, of course, and you are welcome to stream commentary in any language if you use the official widget.

How can I broadcast my own events?

On World Chess, you can broadcast any chess event, which generates a dynamic PGN file (all DGT-style boards produce PGN that can be automatically converted in the board visualization). It’s free and easy. Simply create an account on and apply to become a broadcaster. You will receive an email with instructions and our broadcasting team will assist you with setting up your first event.

If you have any questions regarding widgets or feel that you need technical support, please contact Jenya Kartavtseva at

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Organizer of the World Chess Championship cycle events.