World Chess Policy and User Agreement Governing the Use of the Chess Moves of the World Chess Championship Match 2018

World Chess
Oct 29, 2018 · 2 min read
  1. This Policy provides a framework for third parties using the chess moves of the World Chess Championship Match 2018 (“Championship Match” or “Event”) for organization of a live move-by-move broadcast of the event.
  2. For the purposes of this Policy World Chess shall mean World Chess Events Limited (3rd Floor Fairgate House, 78 Oxford street, London, United Kingdom) — official organizer of the event and its affiliate World Chess US, Inc. (2 Rector St # 1202, New York, NY 10006, USA).
  3. By accessing, using and rebroadcasting the chess moves provided by World Chess you agree to abide by the terms of this Policy.
  4. Any third party live move-by-move broadcast of the Event shall be performed with at least 30 minutes’ delay. The following notice shall be published on the broadcasting source at the prominent place on the page of the broadcast: “For official broadcast and premium subscription please visit Part of the premium subscription fee will go to the Prize Fund of the event. This broadcasting of the moves is subject to World Chess Policy. Unauthorized broadcasting of chess moves is prohibited. For more information, please visit”
  5. Nothing in this Policy shall be construed as giving a third party the right to use the official video stream in its broadcast.
  6. Websites and media can freely use the official widget relaying the moves live. The widget features a button ‘Watch Official Broadcast’, allowing the organizer to inform spectators that they can upgrade for the official broadcast. Widgets page (available November 2, 2018): The use of the widget cannot be accompanied by a video or audio live commentary of the game.
  7. Any live move-by-move broadcast of the Event that does not comply with this Policy will be regarded as an unauthorized broadcast and breach of this agreement. In such case World Chess reserves the right to pursue legal action as well as to resort to the sanctions provided by FIDE Moves Broadcasting Policy.
  8. After the end of each respective game, the chess moves of this game may be used without any restrictions.
  9. In any case, use of not more than 10 (ten) consecutive moves in one piece of communication (e.g. on one web-page; in one video piece) shall not be regarded as violation of this Policy.
  10. World Chess works with other media and chess sites and can grant them rights to broadcast moves and video signals. This authorisation is done only in written form and sites are encouraged to contact World Chess to discuss rights acquisition.

World Chess

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Organizer of the World Chess Championship cycle events.

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