We’ve decided to shut down WorldClass.io


Closing WorldClass isn’t an easy decision by any means. Of course, Most startups fail. But in this case, we were fortunate enough to actually gain lots of users all around the world with very meaningful usage.
Many of you spent hours every week on the platform building and delivering courses to your users so we definitely feel like we’ve built a product that solves a real problem.

We (the founding team) started WorldClass as a side-project and were amazed to see the product take off and being used in such meaningful way. At this point in time however, we are all busy with our full time careers and other commitments and simply can not commit to support the platform and users any longer.

Software which isn’t being constantly modified and updated dies a slow and ugly death and we’d rather take the service offline now than watch it break apart over time.

We do not want to betray your trust and if we can’t provide you with a best-in-class user experience, we feel it’s best to sunset the product in an orderly fashion.

What does it mean for your account?

  1. WorldClass will remain online until October 1st 2019
  2. Between now and then, the option to create new academies will be removed and only existing, paying users will be supported
  3. On October 1st, the service will be taken offline. This would include all academies and all mobile apps

What’s next?

There are few other companies out there offering similar services to WorldClass. Of the ones we know and looked at, we thought Thinkific stands out as most similar and most relevant to you, our users.

Like Wordclass, Thinkific is an all-in-one learning management system that allows you to create engaging online courses and sell them through your custom branded website. Thinkific offers all Worldclass users an exclusive 30-day free trial of any of their plans. You can click here to learn more about migrating from WorldClass to Thinkific.


We want to thank you all for giving WorldClass a chance. We are truly privileged for getting to know and work with you all.

It was an awesome journey of learning and personal development for all of us and we’re extremely sorry we couldn’t make the math work out to keep growing and supporting the product in the long run.

Thank you all!

CPO @ WorldClass.io // Create, publish and sell online courses

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