Rebranding to Hosting Chilli

Hosting Chilli
Sep 28 · 2 min read

The most important question to answer is why this rebranding, and what impact will it have on you as a client.

The Why?

DotEasyAustralia has been our business name for over a decade and has served thousands of customers worldwide. We thought it was time to modernize every aspect of our business including the name. We chose “Chilli” as our theme to help communicate the product to our customers in an easy and understandable manner.

How Will it Impact You?

First of all, be 100% sure your data is safe and secure. All your products and services will continue to function just as perfectly. However, with the launch of the rebranding, we will slowly start introducing new products and services and improve the existing ones.

The Big Changes

Our domain name:

We now live under the domain, as for your client area, it will remain under

Our Logo:

Our new design takes a simple and easy to remember look. As seen below. We would love to hear your opinion in the comments section.

Hosting Chilli New Logo Design

Our Website:

New name. New website. We took all your suggestions and built a new beautifully crafted website that is just so easy to navigate and much nicer on the eyes. Give us more ideas in the comments below. visit website

New Support Staff:

We have grown our support staff in all departments so that you get your assistance almost instantly.

The Future?

We are ready to start this new business journey with you. We hope you love our new polished products. We promise to keep improving day by day to make Hosting Chilli the best it can be.

Need assistance on the topic? We would love to chat over on our support page.

Hosting Chilli

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