Igor Mazepa and blind Themis

Igor Mazepa

From the point of view of Themis Igor Mazepa is legally crystal clean, but many people who suffered twice don’t believe this, and continue to defend their interests.

How do you think, is it possible to ruin the second time those, who had been already ruined and, as a result, for now is extremely careful? And is there a person ready to take on this? Well, it’s possible. And such a person really exists.

Igor Mazepa is the founder and CEO of the investment company Concorde Capital (Ukraine, Kiev). It was he who undertook to “help” the affected customers to return the lost, and each time people lost their money again. The idia has always been simple. Every time he found a bankrupt company with a base of affected clients, bought it out for pennies together with customers, who believed into a fairy tale of paradise life and big incomes if they added more money. Customers invested their money, and after that the company was declared bankrupt and sold.

Such a fate befell clients of a number of mutual funds in 2008–2012 and customers of the forex broker PrivateFX in 2017. This information is not a secret and is reflected on the page of Igor Mazepa in Wikipedia, in the section “Conflicts and Business”.

People lost their money again, but officially Igor Mazepa can’t be called a thief or a swindler.After all, if this fact is not approved by the court, he will still be honest citizen and a businessman. But the court will not happen, because Themis is blind.

Of course, there were numerous appeals to the police, but there was always standard response, that the crime was not found. With such person, as Igor Mazepa Themis can’t do anything because of its “blindness”. The main credo of such legitimate structure is “No need to see that shouldn’t be seen!”.

In comments.ua appeared an article with the name “The price of the state” with a discount for Kolomoisky”. This article connected an information, according to which Igor Mazepa calls himself an “opportunist businessman” from English word opportunity in the meaning of lucky chance. He highlighted, that successful move forward can be done only without stops. Local bonds are being traded? Making local bonds Euro-dollar restructuring is being sold? So, its good time to act.

But the point is that the concept of “opportunist businessman” or “economic agent”, in modern economic science has different meaning. According to the definition of Oliver Williamson, an American economist and Nobel Prize winner in economics, this phenomenon is interpreted as “following one’s interests, including fraudulently, including such obvious forms of deception as lies, theft, fraud, but hardly confining them. It implies more subtle forms of deception, which can take an active and passive form, manifest ex ante and ex post “.

Of course, many people have accepted the loss of their means, but not everybody. Many believe that such “opportunist” businessmen need to be taught to reckon with people and not perceive them only as part of their business.

Of course, in eyes of Themis Igor Mazepa is not guilty, but many people who have suffered twice do not think so, and continue to defend their interests. So on April 12, 2018g. clients came to BC “PARUS” for negotiations. But Igor Mazepa ignored them, which is reflected in the material Gazeta.ua.

Lack of results is also a result. Therefore, the struggle with Igor Mazepa is to be continued!