Hillary paid a 31% tax rate in 2014.
Patrick T. Maloney

Bernie didn’t set those rates. The Clintons did choose to avoid taxes. Bernie’s trying to raise the tax brackets on the higher earners (which means that he’ll pay more in taxes, too).

Also, you’re clearly a dolt. “Doesn’t sound like she evaded any taxes.” (You clearly aren’t familiar with the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.)

The whole purpose of tax havens is to avoid (not evade) taxes.
She has (at least) 5 shell companies, which act as tax havens, through Corporation Trust Center, at 1209 North Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware.

The money she earned from her book was processed through ZFS Holdings, LLC, which is one of the shell companies she established.

Another shell company was set up, called WJC, LLC (after Bill initials — William Jefferson Clinton), to process his “consulting” fees.

Bernie didn’t set the tax rate, but he didn’t avoid any taxes, and he’s even trying to raise his own taxes. His salary was less than 1 of her “popularity speeches.”
The Clintons are using shell companies to avoid taxes, even though they’re millionaires, all because of “popularity speeches” and “popularity books.” Never less than $225,000 for a goddamn speech, and 41 speeches in 2013, then avoiding taxes. The Clintons are crooked.

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