Refugee woman in Samos, Greece; Source:

We have a global epidemic: women’s lack of sexual rights and subsequent lack of access to sexual reproductive health. Additionally, it is the world’s most vulnerable women — young girls and refugees — who are the most affected. These women and girls are trapped in cultures of misogyny which is exacerbated by the West’s hesitancy to provide financial aid and refugee hosting support, including family planning services. Consequently, women with no reproductive autonomy are pouring out of crisis and conflict zones and into overwhelmed and heavily burdened host countries.

Dr. Ray Gamache
Professor, Department of Communication, Kings College, Pa.

Д-р Рэй Гамаш
Профессор, Кафедра Связи, Королевский Колледж, Пенсильвания

Др. Рей Гамаш Професор , Кафедра Зв’язку, Королівський Коледж , Пенсільванія.

World Informaton Transfer

WIT is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with General Consultative Status at the UN, promoting environmental health and literacy.

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