WorldNews: Strange to say Celtics’ season already a success


The Celtics’ 2016–17 season won’t end at the Garden.

It won’t end at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

Furthermore, ought to the Celtics by one means or another lift themselves up off the canvas and take out the relentless Cavaliers and go ahead to meet the Western Conference powerhouse Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, their season won’t end at Oakland’s Oracle Arena, either.

The Celtics’ season finished in New York Tuesday night, and it ended, , with a triumphant session of ping-pong. After being obstructed at whatever point their most recent terrible season landed them in the NBA’s built up draft lottery — Celtics fans still yearn for you, Kevin Durant — this time the Grousbeck-Pagliuca Athletic Club handled the №1 pick in one month from now’s draft.

Concerning that bothersome business of going up against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the current year’s Eastern Conference finals . . . indeed, better believe it, there’s that. Be that as it may, be straightforward: what number circumstances amid the previous two days have you heard the accompanying:

“Regardless of how the Celtics do against the Cavaliers, the season is as of now a success!!!!”

“The Celtics are playing with house money!!!!”

Or, on the other hand, to cite my great buddies at Comcast SportsNet New England, “Yippppppeeeeeeee!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

Have we at any point had anything like this before in Boston sports history? One of our dearest major group groups is playing in the beside last postseason arrangement — the arrangement that’ll send the victor to the finals — yet there’s some buzz around town that the Garden as of now is shut for remodels. See you in the fall. What’s more, on the off chance that you need to get tied up with next season’s better than ever Boston Celtics, call 866–4CELTIX and press 1 for data on season tickets for 2017–18.

Genuine, not everyone is discounting the Celtics. As awful as things were amid Game 1 against the protecting champs Wednesday night at the Garden — LeBron James scoring 15 focuses in the principal quarter, the Cavs bouncing out to a 26-point lead in the main half — the place still was shaking when the Celts went on a 15–4 run late in the second from last quarter to close the hole to 92–75.

It was every one of the illusion, of course, as the Cavs had since a long time ago gone into journey mode. Take a stab at advising that to the Green Teamers who stuffed the Garden. They knew this one as of now was over, yet they kept up the commotion.

However, there’s that buzz … how the season as of now is a win, house cash, blah, blah, blah.

What’s more, again, when has that at any point been the state of mind in a postseason arrangement? I’m not discussing those made-it-to-the-playoffs groups that snuck in through the indirect access and were typically decimated in the first round. Take, for example, the 2014–15 Celtics. Under second-year mentor Brad Stevens, they posted a 40–42 regular season record, which was enough, scarcely, to meet all requirements for the playoffs. Be that as it may, while the Celtics deceived out the Garden for the playoffs, and keeping in mind that the regular gathering of neighbourhood games celebs obediently subsided into their floor seats, everyone comprehended it would be a short postseason.

Furthermore, it was: The Cavaliers utilised the arrangement as a four-and-done limbering-up session on the way to what might be the first of consecutive standoffs against Golden State in the NBA Finals.

I comprehend what you’re considering: The Celtics don’t have a shot in this arrangement against the Cavs, either.

But that it’s the Eastern Conference finals. What’s more, when you get to the meeting finals — or, in baseball speech, the American League Championship Series — should have the town going crazy.

This isn’t an activity in devotion, and I’m not wringing my hands and tsk-tsking the syndicated program guests already’s identity looking forward to the draft as opposed to supporting our Men in Green. Hello, have at it.

My late sibling Paul was enamoured with this blast from the past: Upsets are what make sports incredible. “On the off chance that we didn’t have upsets,” he got a kick out of the opportunity to state, “we wouldn’t have games.” And so we had the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey group at Lake Placid … the Miracle Mets of ’69 … and yes, Pats 20, St. Louis Rams 17 in Super Bowl XXXVI.

After the Celtics had dispensed with the Washington Wizards in the Eastern Conference elimination rounds a couple of evenings back, Isaiah Thomas broke out the discourse about how no one had given his group a possibility. He was very off-base about that, of course, yet … whatever. Competitors make that discourse constantly. Nomar Garciaparra concocted it.

On the off chance that the Celts do some way or another get back in this and topple the Clevelanders, Thomas will have each privilege to wash and rehash. Since no one is giving the Celtics a possibility.

Yet, the season as of now is a win. Isn’t that so?