How GoogleKeep will defeat Facebook where Google+ Failed

What is your status? What are you thinking? Those are the questions Facebook asks. The question is not “What do you want to share?” Facebook is not primarily a place to share anything. If it were a sharing platform there would be no friends list or security to speak of — like the rest of the internet. Everything you post would go out to as many eyes and ears as you get to view it. The purpose of posting something on Facebook has never been to share it with the world. The purpose of posting on Facebook is to save data to the cloud.

It’s very easy to post something on Facebook. You don’t need a title. You don’t need a description. You post a snippet of information to save for later. You have unlimited storage and the cloud computer saves it for all time. There is the nagging fact that data is shared with other people by default. Facebook has to keep this default behavior to maintain it’s disguise as a social network. As a social network there is no reason not to share your data with advertisers. As a place for thoughts and memories sharing your private notes with advertisers would seems crazy. This is the line Facebook skirts. Facebook is a notebook except it doesn’t do the things your notebook does.

By default your notes on Facebook are not private so you wonder why you are even sharing this thought, but you share it anyway because you don’t want to lose it. You want to save it. The notes are also linear. You have no way to categorize them or search them. Facebook has become the worlds most disorganized cloud notebook where by default your notes are shared with advertisers.

At first people started using Facebook, but they didn’t know why. They used it because it ‘saved things.’ It saved their thoughts like a diary and it allowed them to share some of those saved thoughts. Over time the privacy of those shared thoughts became more controversial.

Facebook still has GoogleKeep beat in a few areas. GoogleKeep is not yet a photo album, but Google owns Picasa and has some of the best online photo software on the planet. You cannot share GoogleKeep notes with the world or with groups. This would be a trivial feature to add. It has also helped illustrate that the primary purpose of posting online is not to share, but to save. Once sharing is added to GoogleKeep it will encompass all the functionality of Facebook with the added benefit of being backed by every other Google technology. Comments, photo albums, youtube subscriptions, and events could all be integrated into instant publications. The notes could even have publicly addressable URLs like twitter.

People are flocking to GoogleKeep notes. They are the accessible public database that we used Facebook for. The main difference is that from the ground up it is a non-linear, privacy first, taggable, searchable, personal database that can easily grow into the trivial roles of media publishing and photo sharing. It is the reflection of the chaos of a real person’s life backed by the searchable organization and parsing of a super computer. That is what we always wanted for a status post and now people are figuring that out. GoogleKeep will be the most important Google product since Search.