Our Vision


Connecting the world through fashion.

It’s a very exciting time in fashion, what was once for an exclusive international set and group of insiders of special worlds has opened up with fashion’s association with pop culture, ever more layers peeled with information available on the business of fashion, the digital revolution of fashion to the masses and a whole new world of the fashion curious, opening up the the fashion world.

In the next modern wave, we envision a digital oasis where the products, services and experiences reserved for the happy few are available to all. We see a role in inspiring more collectors, curators, creators and influencers of style, in as much as helping to guide the fashion curious. We believe that there is a fundamental link between active consumerism, engaged participatory democratic systems, ethical and sustainable best practices and an overall consideration for humanity that can be connected by technology. We think that fashion plays a much deeper role in society with correlations that are unmeasured — the way one dresses and experiences day to day life to the transparency beyond the brand and product to the consumer. We are working to continuously develop a highly personalized suite of high touch meets high tech services for our members, bridging the fragmentation in the fashion industry, encouraging a new world of fashion, changing how fashion is bought, sold, discovered and experienced in the process. We see a world where more consumers will identify with fashion throughout their life as connoisseurs who understand the qualities and characteristics of quality made products and the value ofethical and sustainable products. The style connoisseur will be thinking beyond the fashion trends being pushed to them to consider the entire fashion pipeline and brand offering because of the effects that decision may have on their everyday life and our world. Cultivating patrons of style for a digital world, a world of active style and cultural participants — collecting and procuring becoming the new reality of consumer behaviour, as will the understanding of the value of their purchases to affect change throughout the entire fashion ecosystem — creating a new kind of global economic landscape, perhaps a more humanistic approach to capitalism that creates built-in value for everyone, yet nurtures the individual and a more open and connected world of fashion. We think that every segment of fashion will play a unique role to deliver life experiences that resonates with the hearts and minds for all.

As partners, we are committed to developing an inter-connected global fashtech ecosystem; mapping and connecting the fashion industry with a fashion genome project, while better servicing consumers on the qualities and characteristics, the fashion pipeline and fashion products; featuring creators and the creations of exceptionally made products and services from around the world and developing better tools on our platform to feature, monetize, promote and create awareness and an open source technology philosophy that spreads global innovation with our initiatives.

We are driven to create the everyday luxury segment for fashion, delivering reasonable and accessible luxury through the Artémis collections that are effortless, essential and evolving while connecting the best brands and services and the best of technology from around the world. Within our brand experience, our services will provide a 360 lifestyle view for your passions — your wants, needs, goals and dreams to create the lives our members wish for themselves — celebrating and creating a perpetual energy of youthful freedom — to live boldly, live well, live with passion. As a next generation company, it’s about rethinking established legacy systems so that our goals align with your goals and a sustainable environmental story to inspire our partners and stakeholders for a more emboldened future of possibilities and positive impact for our members and our world.

We know, it’s a big, bold vision, with a simple mission. It’s more than a year of research, 2 pivots. We’re a team with deep experience in fashion, media, curation technology, sophisticated data aggregation, curated networks, machine learning, AI and a passion for all things cultural and creative with a commitment to our vision to connect the world through fashion.

We pause to think about what this means as well. We think about why we’re doing what we’re doing, do we have the unique skill sets as a team to accomplish such a thing, is it resonating with people. As Entrepreneurs, it’s about a consistent set of actions and experiments we’re taking daily to solve the challenges we’ve identified.

We started simply when a friend, a Tech Investor, suggested combining our fashion and tech experience to reimagine content, commerce and fashion. A few months after that meeting, we started by talking to 1000+ NYC and fashionistas around the world with an idea called Fashionista Society and the help of some FIT students and fashion professionals. We are grateful for the select who completed indepth surveys about their fashion consumption, annual budgets, lifestyle habits, upcoming goals and their reasons for wanting to connect with other like-minded women around the world. We spoke with fashion executives from luxury retail to CEO’s of major fashion brands to Google.

We learned so much and pivoted to a next generation lifestyle brand. Creating collections for women combined with a global network of fashionistas. Our team started with a woman from the fashion world, fashion media, with a tech background, who was venture funded in her recent company specialized in curation, sophisticated data algorithms, curated networks, AI, automation. She had the support of her lead Engineer who had followed up his experience at Ebay and 500px. Our team grew into a NY based CFDA awarded fashion designer who cut his teeth at Parson’s, Ralph Lauren, Madelwell, Gap and one of the first to collaborate with Topshop and Uniqlo. Rounded out by someone from JP Morgan and Deutsche who grew up with a family business in India and learned fashion manufacturing with clients such as Topshop and other european fashion luxury brands. His experience rounded by a computer engineering degree from Nanyang in Singapore and an MBA from IE in Spain/Kellogg Business School and a Canadian Graphic Designer.

Building, testing, especially talking to customers, writing and learning about fashtech, talking to the fashion industry, creators, influencers of fashion, has helped shape another pivot and the strength of our team and advisors collective experience. Artemis www.artemisworld.co inspired by what we learned, timing and inspiration. Inspiration of Pandora for music, Netflix for film and television, Artsy for Art. Artemis for fashion. We’re lit up.

We’re fortunate to be speaking to really encouraging Investors, a supportive fashion industry and surrounded by incredibly creative people and friends from around the world. We’re determined to bridge daily execution with our vision. We will be starting by shaping our initial experiments in a nimble way, step by step and will be sharing our journey on here. Connect the world with fashion with us and/or become a member of a global style destination for collectors, curators, creators and influencers of style. Thank you for being a part of this special moment.

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