Adhesives to create disposable hygiene products

There are many applications of adhesives in the textile space, some more obvious or better known than others. A quite interesting and dynamic textile application is the use of adhesives to create disposable hygiene products.

The disposable hygiene segment is divided into three sub-segments: Adult Care, Baby Care and Feminine Care. Adhesives are used to construct the diaper, create stretch features, indicate wetness, and hold in the place the elastic strands.

The use of adhesives in disposable hygiene goes back to the 1960s. The application of adhesives to hold in elastic strands goes back to the 1970s. Until recently, developments around elastic attachment adhesives have centred around the fundamental function — how well the adhesive hold the elastic strand in place.

In late 2016, Bostik launched a new elastic attachment adhesive that does much more than just hold the elastic strand in place.

Brilliance™ is the world’s first high-performance polyolefin based elastic attachment adhesive. Brilliance is a major technological leap forward in the use of polyolefins in high-stress hot melt adhesive applications such as holding elastic strands in place in diapers and adult incontinence articles, a critical application in the function and fit of the products.

In the past, adhesives based on polyolefin chemistry were limited to low-stress applications due to performance and processing drawbacks. Through the leveraging of material science, Bostik has developed an adhesive that not only eliminates these trade offs but also outperforms traditional SBC-based elastic attachment technology.

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