AkzoNobel extends marine coatings portfolio with Alkyd Primer

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: AkzoNobel NV announced the launch of Interstores Alkyd Primer, its latest addition to the Interstores marine coatings product range.

Ship owners and operators can now enjoy a new level of flexibility and expand the options available for cost-effective onboard maintenance. Specifically created with the needs of crew in mind, it is specially formulated for brush and roller application and is suitable for all substrates above the waterline.

Compatible with all existing coatings systems and formulated for ease of application, the Interstores range has been sold to more than 3,000 vessels since launch. The range consists of Interstores Alkyd (top coat), Interstores Polyurethane (top coat), Interstores Epoxy Primer, and now Interstores Alkyd Primer, affording users a complete suite of options.

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